6 Unique Product Packaging Ideas For Package Perfection

unique product packaging ideas

You have amazing products that people rave about. But what statement are you making with your packaging?

Are you even making one at all with your packages?

You may thank packing is just something to be thrown away. But innovative and/or custom packaging can actually drive sales and increase brand recognition. Giving your customers unique packaging will make you stand out.

If you are struggling to think outside the box for your product packaging, you're in luck. Read below for six perfect package ideas that are checking the boxes for innovation, freshness, and memorable unboxing impressions!

1. Ahoy To Tea Bags

Even the most refined tea drinkers use bagged tea now and then. And they, like countless others, sometimes lose the entire tea bag in a mug of hot water.

Designed by Elisabeth Soos, tPod has solved this frustrating dilemma. Instead of the standard paper tag atop the bag and string, they have placed mini paper boats that float in your mug.

2. Let Function Direct the Packaging

Ideally, your packing will help broadcast what your item is or does. What are headphones and earbuds used for? Designer Corinne Pant answered this question beautifully.

She created minimal earphone packaging that showcases the product arranged in the shape of eight notes. There are also five thin lines meant to mimic what you'd see on sheet music.

It can be tempting to throw lots of information and images on packaging to entice people. But as seen with Noté, the common phrase "less is more" definitely applies.

3. Play With Your Food

Ignore what your mother said when you were five. Nothing wrong with a little food play.

If you are packaging any time of food, think about what you could print on the container.

Selling blueberries? Why not create a branded blue creature that you can show off with his mouth opened wide?

This gives the illusion your creature is chowing down on your blueberries! This type of colorful and fun packaging is especially great for children.

Creating a little excitement with packaging is one way to get even the pickiest eaters interested.

Scratching your head at the thought of just "coming up" with an idea like this? You don't have to do it alone if design making is not your forte.

Consider looking into partnering with a design company or freelancer. Find out more about the pros and cons to both.

4. Refresh Common Product Packaging

Maybe you are offering something that much other business do. That's okay. But be prepared to find ways to stand out.

You know how pretty much all honey comes in a plastic or glass jar? Or a little bear? Don't do that.

Bee Bright was a product design idea that provides honey in a square container that is actually made of beeswax. The packaging also is very environmentally friend, as once empty, it can be turned over to be used as a candle!

Think about how you can offer a packaging nobody has seen before. 

Sell milk?

Come up with something totally different than the cartons and jugs we all use every day.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Consider getting your past customers involved. Send out an email asking for design ideas. Offer some sort of incentive to encourage involvement.

If you first need some help growing your email list, check out this helpful guide.

5. Give Your Packaging Double Duty

Using materials that can be recycled is an important step to take. Especially as more and more consumers begin to expect this.

But why not take this a step further? Create packaging that can provide value to your customers long after your product is gone or used up.

Consider your common cleaning supplies. Dish soap, laundry detergent, disinfectant spray. What do you do with the empty bottles? We hope you at least say recycle them.

But what if you were inspired to do more?

If you sell cleaning products or other liquid products, what happens if you make the containers something that could function as an art piece? Offering products in glass or porcelain bottles would encourage customers to retain them and use as flower vases or other containers.

6. Don't Hide the Product

Whatever design you go with, make sure the packaging doesn't clash with the product, especially if it's visible. Where possible, use clear or translucent bags to show off your amazing product.

If you are selling modern decorative baubles, put them in a container that makes them the star. Don't plaster neon colored text onto a package full of neutral baubles.

Letting customers see exactly what they are getting can entice them to buy even more.

Things to Consider For Proper Packaging

We've presented just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to innovative packaging designs that are out there.

As you begin your own design work, we have even more tips to offer. Think about size, material, and mobility.

Think about your products. How many sizes do you offer for each item? Instead of needing four separate packaging solutions, get creative to make two work for you. This will save money and also streamline your packaging process.

Material matters too, as you want your items to be protected without adding bulky and expensive weight. Ensuring the packaging can go on a road trip without breaking is key. Nothing will upset a customer more than a damaged item.

Ensure Your Packaging Leaves a Positive Impression

We hope you are inspired to create beautiful, innovative, and fun product packaging perfection.

It can be daunting, but finding perfect packaging is possible. A mixture of functionality and creativity will leave your customers happier than ever.

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