How To Turn Being An Influencer Into A Business

how to turn being a social media influencer into a full time business

Everybody is an influencer on social media these days, it seems. It’s one thing to have a nice following on social media, it’s quite another to know what to do with it. 

If you are starting to get some traction as a paid social media influencer in your industry, it’s time to treat yourself as a brand and a business to separate yourself from the other so called influencers. 

People trust recommendations and advice from a peer, in other words: you, than they do celebrities. That is the basis of influencer marketing, a service that is offered by the experts at

In this article, I will give you some ideas on how to parlay that following into a business that can make you quite a bit of money and quit your regular job. 

Be Prepared 

You’ve done the hardest part of the job already which is to cultivate an engaged following. Now, to start making money you have to set yourself up. 

You should have a clear idea of which type of brands to work with to start doing some sponsored content. And you also should have a very clear understanding of how you’re willing to work with them. 

You should have a media kit ready for when you are approached by brands looking to sponsor you. It should have all the criteria you are looking for in a collaboration and how much each type of content will cost them. 

This will not only look professional, but it will make your life easier as everything will be explained in the media kit so you don’t have to waste time with back and forth emails. 

Make Your Own Products 

Sponsored content should only be one small avenue in your list of revenue streams. The real money is having your own product. 

Whatever your niche is, you definitely have a product you can sell even if you don’t realize it. 

For instance, as a travel blogger you can design your own backpack. A cooking channel on Youtube can have a line of aprons or even cookware. And a financial blogger can have an ebook for sale on their website. 

It doesn’t matter what you specialize in, there is a product that you can create. 

Don’t Buy Followers 

Big numbers look good, right? Well, not always and not usually to the people that matter. Most brands are pretty savvy these days and understand that there are lots of ways to buy those followers. 

Now, brands look for engagement. They want to have some real data to see how much you really are influencing your audience and how much is for show. A company like could help you to connect better with customers. 

In the case of YouTube, they look for data that shows how many minutes of video people actually watch. They look to see if people are clicking to other videos or going right back to the search. These are the metrics that matter and show that people are actually engaged and not just numbers. 

If you want to be a business, then these numbers need to have some meat to them otherwise your brand is just not worth much. 

Compliment Influencer Marketing With SEO 

If you want to go from being just a social media influencer to a real business owner, you are going to need your own website and blog. But you can't stop there, you will also need to implement search engine optimization strategies to make sure your website and business blog rank in Google searches. SEO link building services will help get your site and blogs ranked higher in Google and other top search engines so you can generate some organic traffic.

Go From Influencer To Business Owner

There is nothing wrong with being a social media influencer. You can get a lot of great publicity and open up a lot of profitable opportunities. But if you want to become a full time business owner, keep these tips in mind.

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