10 Fun Promotional Items A Business Create Cheaply

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Are you looking for a way to get more brand recognition?

You could boost your advertising and marketing strategies. But that can get really expensive, really fast.

In the meantime, you may want to think about some fun promotional items that will put your company's name out into the world.

And you won't have to spend an arm and a leg utilizing fun promotional items for your business.

We will take a look at ten different options you can consider for business branded merchandise.

1. Personal Care Products

Think about how many times a day you reach into your purse or pocket to grab lotion or lip balms? Especially in winter months when your skin is especially dry.

Now imagine that lotion or lip balm having your company's name on it.

Of course, you're not limited to just lip balm or lotion. You may opt for soap, aromatherapy oils, or any other number of personal care products.

Whatever you choose, it will leave your customers associating your business with the comfort and tranquility these products deliver.

These are promotional products that are truly useful, as well as affordable.

2. Glass Water Bottle

Another incredibly useful promotional item is a reusable water bottle.

If you spend any time at all in a health club, gym, yoga studio, etc. then you know there's a big need for water bottles.

Rather than opting for plastic bottles though, choosing glass shows that you care about the environment. It also demonstrates how much you care about the person using it.

Glass does not leach harmful chemicals or metals into the beverage. And unlike plastic, you can ensure that glass is BPA-free. 

Most people feel that water tastes better when consumed from a glass container. 

Glass water bottles can be easily customized with logos or any other design you'd like. You might even consider customized inserts for the bottles so your customer can change the look of his or her bottle.

3. Chocolate Business Card

Do you love chocolate?

If you said yes, then you'd probably be geeked to receive a delicious piece of chocolate wrapped in a business card box.

So the next time you're at a trade show or conference, consider stocking up on both regular and chocolate business cards. There are websites that will enable you to print both.

Then hand out the chocolate card along with your regular business card to show appreciation and gratitude to the people coming by your booth. It's something they won't soon forget.

4. Reusable Insulated Lunch Tote Bag

Falling back into the category of useful promotional items, giving customers branded and reusable insulated lunch tote bags are a powerful way to keep them thinking about your company day after day.

Plus, if you choose a brightly colored bag and hand it out to clients at a trade show or conference, you can bet that other attendees will ask about them. Soon enough, they'll be heading to your booth.

5. Drink Tops

When is the last time you spilled a drink while at a party? Or maybe you found an unwelcome insect floating in your drink at an outdoor gathering?

Whatever the case, cup covers are ideal for avoiding these situations. Plus, with a large and printable space, they're the perfect canvas for your brand.

So the next time your customer is having an enjoyable time at a gathering and reaches for a drink, he or she will be reminded of your company.

And you won't have to spend a lot of money to get that advertising.

6. Wellness Gifts

Many of us have so many items to check off our to-do list each day, we don't place a high priority on well-being.

As a result, our performance, and our health, both suffer.

By providing something as simple as a branded and squeezable stress ball to something more complicated like a portable self-massage tool, you're saying to your customer that you care about them.

7. Color-Changing Sunglasses

Moving into the category of "more fun than useful," color-changing sunglasses have been a big hit on the promotional items circuit.

The frames of these spectacles start as a frosty white but change to one of five colors when in the sun. 

They're an unforgettable giveaway at corporate events and trade shows. They're also amazingly affordable. 

8. Etched Wine Bottles

If you're looking for some serious wow factor, etched wine bottles deliver.

While this option will cost more than some of the others, there is something to be said for making an extra investment in promotional items.

These wouldn't be something you'd hand out at events, but rather an item you'd chop to key accounts and/or your top customers.

Sure, they already know about your company. But you want to keep it that way. So stay in their good graces. 

9. Travel Charger with Pad 

It really doesn't get any more utilitarian than this.

By customizing the pad on this charger with a full-color imprint of your logo, customers and clients will be continually reminded of you each time they charge their phones while they travel.

For most people, that is likely to happen every day. That is some serious brand exposure.

10. Character Rubber Ducks

Dipping right back into the "more fun than useful" category are character rubber ducks.

It might sound strange, but people young and old really like rubber ducks. They are so unique and playful that people can't help but to keep them on their desks or a nearby shelf at work.

They bring levity to the workplace. This is needed now more than ever with all the recent serious issues impacting every work space.

And if clients aren't keeping them on display at work, they may actually be playing with your branded rubber duck with their kids at home.

Either way, they are a light-hearted, memorable, and affordable way to make your brand stand-out. 

Ready to Try Fun Promotional Items for Your Business?

Fun promotional items are effective in that they serve as a constant reminder of your brand to your customers.

Plus, these branded merchandise products can be incredibly affordable too. 

So why not give them these branded merch items try? You have little to lose and a lot to gain!

And if you are looking for additional ways to save money while running your business, keep checking back this us! We have a wide variety of articles on using fun promotional items and other branding or advertising tactics for your business.

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