Black Public Relations In The Dark Era Of Social Media

black hat public relations social media dark pr

In this new era of advanced technologies and social influence, it is hard to track how, more than ever, Dark PR is exploited. Even though we believe almost everything that happens online is real, most scandals are fake as well as celebs’ family dramas and engagement proposals. 

The evil truth is that behind every successful person on the web hides a strong marketing team. Those professionals know that sometimes without spice there is no successful dish, so they add spices to every movement of a publicly relevant persona. 

Here, we want to disclose the most villainous ways your go-to media sells the darkest moral crimes for the external fame of any local Kardashian through black hat PR. 

TikTok + Instagram = Spiciest Duo Of Dark PR 

What is the black PR by its nature? It is a strategy that contains extreme ways of promoting a person, group of people, company, etc., to get them to the top without fearing negative feedback. Practically, a negative response is what this tactic seeks for. 

For example, if our relevant persona decides to buy TikTok fans, this move is not considered Dark PR. Some marketing strategies may be tricky but until these fans are bought to sell them a scam. We do not think about it as black hat public relations. 

There are ways TikTok + Instagram duo promote some of the harshest PR moves: 

1. When a celebrity buys fake scandal photos & videos to get noticed 

2. When they start publicly dissing other (often more successful) online figures 

3. When they do something socially harmful, for example, let fans fight at their concert 

4. And any other decisions and actions that contain unrealistically shocking news 

Sure, most of these situations (ones that don’t end up as a huge “cancel me” show) is sponsored by marketing. If you are not attractive enough, just make yourself scandalous with black-hat PR! 

Pros And Cons Of Black Public Relations 

If you are a marketer, you may possibly think that Dark PR is a withdrawals-only method for not competent professionals. 

But in today’s world full of wars and violence, audiences are keen on jumping to every opportunity to discuss something not that horrific. It is a reason why a divorce of Kanye West or “snake” Taylor Swift scandals have been trending for so long. 

And what is going on with these celebs? They shine in their success since fans have found reasons why they have been on the right side of their stories. Which is the biggest proof that Dark PR works. Sometimes. 

The best recommendation is not to use it rapidly and find a way to be liked without bringing a forcefully negative aura to the product’s movements. Many companies have tried to go dark but ended up crashed by public opinion instead of improving in influencer status. 

As a part of an audience, each of us shall understand that marketing teams want our reaction, positive or negative, doesn’t matter. And for most of them, it makes no great difference if they publish naked photos of this *add your name* famous guy or continue making movies about Marilyn Monroe. Dark PR is the only method that matters.

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