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As a leader, whether you’re in a management position or you are the CEO of a company, communication is always going to be an essential part of your toolbox. Communication and leadership go hand in hand, so if you can’t communicate well you can pretty much guarantee you won’t be able to lead a team very well, either. Here we have outlined what you need to know about communication and leadership so you can be the best leader imaginable. Read on if you want to know more: 

Being Authentic Is Key 

Being authentic in all you do is key, especially when communicating a message to people who may be working for you or under you. You can’t let ego driven goals get in the way of being a good leader, like so many leaders end up doing. Make sure you aim to be a compassionate leader, but most of all, be yourself. Relate to the people working for you by learning about them, and sharing stories about yourself, too. Learn their names, ask them questions, and take a genuine interest. You’ll always be a better leader if it’s clearly that you truly care about the people who are working for you.

Knowing Different Methods Of Communication Is A Must 

There are many different methods of communication, as so many people communicate differently. For example, you may want to take a different approach with an introverted person in comparison to an extroverted person. By taking a course such as the Online MBA from University of Redlands you will be able to get a feel for different communication styles and how to apply them in the workplace. 

To Communicate Well You Have To Listen 

Communicating well isn’t just about getting your point across clearly with an air of authority. It’s about listening more and speaking less. All of the best communicators listen when they are trying to get a message across. What is the person you are speaking to telling you? Why are they telling you this? Do you have to read between the lines, or ask questions to decipher what they really mean? Make sure you practice active listening and respond to what people tell you. Don’t just wait for them to finish speaking and jump in straight away with what you were going to say anyway - that is not listening. 

You Should Aim To Motivate And Inspire 

When you communicate as a leader, most of the time, you should aim to motivate and inspire. Motivating and inspiring your team will encourage them to create a higher standard of work, as well as make them feel happier when they are in the workplace - which can be a difficult task to achieve. You shouldn’t attempt to become a walking talking inspiration Instagram page or anything - just make sure you help where you can, give advice, and share personal stories of how you have faced what they are facing. 

Body Language Matters 

Body language is all a part of how you communicate too. By crossing your arms, you’re going to appear much more closed off than if you were to share a message with open body language. Make sure you learn about body language and what it is communicating about you. To be a great leader, sometimes you have to go against what you naturally want to do as it may appear closed off, especially if you are an introvert. You always want to appear approachable, friendly, and open. 

Get Comfortable With Recognition And Praise 

Many leaders are great at communication for the most part, but they really struggle when it comes to recognizing and praising achievements of their staff. This can be a quick way to make staff want to leave your establishment! Learning how to praise your team both individually and collectively will take you far. 

Delegate Tasks Clearly 

You must be able to delegate tasks effectively and clearly when the time is right. You need to make sure you explain what needs to be done by using who's, whats, whens, wheres, and whys. Remember that people need to know the ‘why’ behind something they are doing, and this can help them to do a better job overall. Effective delegation is all about making what you want them to do as clear as possible, while delegating the job to the right person. image 

Aim To Be Decisive And Focused 

You can’t ramble or work through a problem out loud if you want to give a clear message to your team. In the messages you give, you have to be decisive and focused. Make sure you speak when you have something meaningful to say, and that you’ve made your point as clear as you can depending on who you are speaking to. Employees should know early on what is expected of them - don’t approach them about something when they have already started a task. They will begin to resent you! 

Always Be Available 

Making yourself available, e.g. having an open door policy, will help you to build morale within your team. You won’t be available 24/7, but making your open door policy clear and ensuring that your team feel comfortable communicating with you is essential. You want your team to feel comfortable coming to you whether they see something that can be improved in the workplace or whether they would like help with something, such as their own workload. You want to be adept at going above and beyond for them too, just like you would your customers. They are just as important to the success of a business, so make sure they know that you are willing to help them! 


Communication and leadership are one in the same, and should be thought of as such if you want to be the very best leader possible. Make sure you follow the tips and advice above, and do your best to ensure that your team are highly motivated, inspired, and producing the highest quality work imaginable. Staff turnover should decrease, and workplace satisfaction should increase when you are being the best leader possible.

I hope you enjoyed this article about why communication and leadership are intertwined in the workplace.

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