Mind-Blowing Things To Consider About Casinos

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When you think about it, the popularity of casinos and betting games around the world is quite something. For example, these days it’s gone beyond popular local casinos that see tons of visitors. There’s now a large number of casinos available for play on your phone, tablets and computer as well. 

For instance, play club casino, where you can play hundreds of slots and table games. Including tons of new ones, you might not have seen inside a traditional casino yet. 

5 Surprising Facts About Casinos

1. Why Roulette Is Called The “Devil’s Game” 

Unsurprisingly, there are a ton of superstitions for every gambling game. But roulette has the biggest one with a nickname like the “devil’s game” which originated because if you were to add up every number on the wheel you would arrive at the number 666. Commonly known as a devilish number for obscure reasons. 

But could it also be because so many gamblers have fallen prey to addiction at roulette? Much like slots have the nickname of being the “one armed bandit”. 

2. There’s A Mobile Casino In A Cab In London 

Known as the world’s smallest casino, there is no fixed address for the famous London taxi casino. Basically, it’s a mobile casino in the back of a taxi that includes a dealer, table, bar and tv. This was originally a promotional stunt for a popular casino that stuck around as a charitable donation. 

3. The Two Time Million-Dollar Slot Winner 

One of the most famous slot stories of all time is that of Elmer Sherman, a World War II veteran who won a massive jackpot not once, but twice. The first time was in the Mirage casino in Vegas, where Elmer collected a cool jackpot win of $4.6 million in 1989. However, he was destined to get lucky one more time. When in 2005, Elmer hit one of the biggest jackpots win of all time, cashing out an incredible $21.1 million at the Cannery Casino. 

4. Citizens Of Monaco Aren’t Allowed To Gamble At The Casino 

Monaco happens to be the home of one of the most famous casinos in the whole worked, the famous Monte Carlo Casino. However, citizens of the country are technically not allowed to gamble there. Since in the 1800s when Princess Caroline made it illegal for all citizens to gamble. Allowing only foreign money to come into the country through this stream. But the good thing is that it also means citizens don’t need to pay taxes, since the money comes from the gambling revenue. 

5. You Can Ban Yourself From Any Casino 

If you feel at any time that you’re spending while gambling is getting out of control or that you can no longer withstand the temptation to keep returning. At any reputable casino, you can voluntarily ban yourself permanently or for a period of time. Even online casinos allow this, in an effort to encourage healthy betting habits and responsible gambling. It’s a sign of a good legitimate and reputable casino. 

Casino Conclusion 

The casino industry is an unusual and exciting one filled with many facts to separate from myths. Keep this betting information in mind before frequenting another casino or gambling website.

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