Dota 2 Guide – How To Go Pro

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Dota 2 can really give you a hard time if you haven’t played this type of game before. Because it’s very complex and has a large pool of heroes, skills, and strategies to use, starting out can feel quite difficult. Nonetheless, humans are capable of learning many things, so excelling at Dota 2 can be your achievement. 

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1. Check Enemies’ Items 

Did you know that you can check opponent items during your gameplay? Well either way, now you know. Of course, it will take some practice and experience to get better at this aspect but usually, the items you see at your opponents can predict their next move. For instance, if you see that a Talisman of Evasion has been bought by your enemies, then they must be making a Butterfly in which case, you must go for the MKB. Learn what each hero is able to do, and constantly check up their items to find out what they’re up to. 

2. Don’t Be Scared 

Being a noob and facing against a horde of experienced players can have you trembling in your panties. But don’t let that get the best of you. Even if the opponents have the advantage now and whatever you came up with as a strategy has failed, there’s always still a chance. Your plan didn’t work? So what? Move to plan B! The key is to not give up, and find solutions to match the situations without panicking. All panic is going to do is cloud your judgment, which could cost you a lot. 

3. Know Your Limits For Heroes 

As much as you’d love to be the absolute master of the game, you can’t perfect playing with all heroes. There are just too many, and not everyone will know how to use them to their advantage. This is something you should accept because you can be a pro even with the heroes you’ll be able to master while in the game. Don’t focus on grieving for what you can’t do – cherish your achievements instead. 

4. Don’t Rush 

Does anything good come out of rushing? The answer is, most times, negative. When it comes to MOBA games, though, rushing can be your downfall. If your strategy is to simply rush to kill, your chances of success will be quickly thrown in the trash. Be patient, and focus on the longer, well-thought strategy rather than mindlessly charging in battle. 

5. Watch The Mini-Map 

The mini-map exists to help you out, so you’d better take advantage of it. It will let you see everything in your surroundings and give you a chance to respond quickly to any danger. Don’t overlook this benefit. 

Final Thoughts 

Are you ready to be featured on a Dota 2 bet website as a pro? Make sure you follow the tips in this quick guide, and the glory shall be yours.

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