Taking Surveys For Money: How To Do It Right

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According to research recently published by Nielsen, Americans are spending more time than ever browsing social media, watching videos, and playing games online. In fact, the average American adult spends more than 11 hours a day online. While there is plenty of joy in watching funny videos and catching up with your friends, wouldn't it be nice if your time spent online could be more worthwhile? 

Making money online is a reality for millions of people around the globe. While there are tons of paid gigs in the online world, taking surveys for money is one of the easiest ways to make extra cash each month. If you're interested in taking paid surveys, there are some details that you'll want to know. 

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of taking legitimate paid online surveys for major money and how you can get the most out of your time. 

Become A Member Of Several Sites 

One of the first things you'll want to do in order to get the most out of your time when taking surveys for money is to sign up for various paid survey sites. The more sites that you become a member of, the more likely you are to have a steady stream of work. This helps to ensure that you always have surveys to respond to. 

Since there are so many paid survey sites to choose from, you will want to sign up for the ones that best fit your needs. Some sites pay more than others while some paid survey companies offer other ways for members to earn money. 

A few of the top paid survey websites include: 

● Survey Junkie 
● Swagbucks 
● MyPoints 
● Vindale Research 
● Inbox Dollars 

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to sign up for at least three different websites. This way, you'll have a steady stream of surveys to answer, which means stable income throughout the month. Being a member of several sites also opens up other money-earning options such as watching promotional videos or earning cash back from shopping online. 

Set A Schedule 

The next step in optimizing your time spent answering surveys is to create (and follow!) a schedule. The best option is to look at the time you already spend online throughout the week and then dedicate a portion of that to taking surveys. 

Use public transportation? Are you given an hour long lunch break? You can also take surveys during your down time throughout the day. Because most surveys are only a few minutes long, you can likely complete a few during your lunch break or when you're waiting for the train to pick you up. 

Obviously, the more time you dedicate to taking surveys the more money you'll make. But, you're in complete control over how much time you spend answering surveys. Even a few hours a week can add up to plenty of money at the end of the month. 

Be Realistic 

Paid surveys are not a get rich quick scheme. Even if you were to dedicate 40 hours a week to taking surveys, you won't make a huge amount of money. Many people give up on taking paid surveys because they have unrealistic expectations. Online paid surveys won't make you rich. 

Instead, you can expect to make $50-$100 extra each month, depending on how many surveys you complete. By setting realistic expectations of how much money you'll make, you're less likely to lose interest in taking surveys. 

While surveys may not pay a lot, they're mindless work that puts money in your pocket. Answering a few questions for cash is one of the easiest money making gigs that you'll ever come across! 

Set A Goal 

Sharing your opinion is fun, but let’s face it, after a few weeks of answering surveys, you’re likely to get a little bored. This is when it’s important to have an end goal. It’s much easier to stay motivated while taking surveys if you have a goal to work towards. 

Maybe you want to save an extra $50 each month or you want to put extra money towards a loan so that you pay less interest. By setting a goal, you can keep your eye on the prize and see how much progress you make towards meeting that goal. 


Online paid surveys are a great way to make extra cash. By taking paid surveys, you’re able to make your own schedule and work as little or as much as you want each week. No matter if you’re taking surveys while on the go or while watching Netflix, you can make easy money with very little effort. Happy survey taking!

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