Chef Wear: Pick Up The Trend To Stay Ahead In Your Restaurant Business

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Finding a chef in his traditional chef cap (the Toque Blanche) has become a rare sight today. However, double-breasted jacket in white continues to be a norm across most of the kitchens. The trends are changing, and so are the dressing styles. The reasons for this transformation are mainly practical. In the present times, you can say what a chef’s uniform represents is ease of interaction with customers, freedom of movement, and dapper looks at the same time. That's why before buying anything, it makes sense to browse through the styles that seem to be working most. 

The Chef’s Coat 

White has always ruled this area since ages and still going strong as far as the trend suggests. But some people are opening up to the idea of experimenting with colors. They show interest in charcoals, blacks, and other such fascinating shades not only to acquire an instant brand-new look but to hide the marks of spills and splatters as well. 

The Aprons 

A wave of transition is also imminent in the choices of aprons. Nowadays, denim, canvas, and poly materials are the in-thing. Some of these also boast of waxed finish. You can choose the ones that fit your bills and also overall getup of the chefs. From the utility perspective, they continue to be a safety and protective garment in the kitchen as they save the wearer from hot spills and splatters. Besides, it also absorbs the smell caused by spilling so that the layer of garment beneath it can stay clean and clear. 

The Chef’s Cap 

The image of a chef in the white, stiff pleated hat is unforgettable. It is what most of us have grown up watching. The amount of pride and honor associated with the old-style hat stays the same. But what is slowly changing is the consideration for something more comfortable and easier to wear. That's why you nowadays find them in skull caps and baseball caps too. The reasons are pretty simple. In earlier days, chefs had to interact with their guests hardly, and they mostly remained in the kitchen to oversee all the arrangements. Nowadays, chefs need to meet customers also to understand their likes and dislikes. A lot of out-of-kitchen movement happens from their side. So, they need to cover their heads with a cap that is easy to carry and handle. 

Cost-Conscious But High Quality Chef Wear

So, what are your thoughts on this? Do you want to follow the latest styles in chef’s clothing or stick to what has always been there? If you own a modern restaurant business, then it makes sense to choose something that has got a more contemporary touch. After all, your staff is the face of your business. When they look up-to-date and stylish, people will automatically gain some amount of confidence in your services. Your food and its presentation can do rest of the work. Nevertheless, make sure you choose the same color, design, and pattern for a particular department for the sake of uniformity. 

Save Money On Your Company Chef Wear

For bulk orders, you can visit Wholesale Chef Wear or some other reputable store. It will be easier to get your job done and cut costs without cutting quality.

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