How to Choose the Best Gaming Mouse: 5 Secret Tips That Help Gamers

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Gaming is the most popular way of entertainment for the youth generation. You can enjoy games in a better way if you are using the best gaming mouse. Choosing the best gaming mouse is certainly not an easy task since there are thousands of manufacturers available in the market and each of them comes up with a new mouse almost every day with different features. 

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Regardless of your gaming preferences and games of choice, you can choose any type of mouse when you need to do official work and even the cheaper ones will solve your purpose. But when it comes to choosing the best mouse for gaming purpose you certainly have to be very choosy. The most important thing is that you need to understand which type of mouse will have more precise movement. For this, you must understand some criteria that you will need while playing games extensively. But whenever you choose a mouse it is always advisable to read gaming mouse reviews and it will certainly help you to understand its quality. 

Here, we have come up with 5 secret tips that will certainly help you to buy the best gaming mouse. If you are looking for the best gaming mouse then the following tips will certainly be very crucial for you: 

Know Your Grip Style 

The first thing that you need to determine before buying the perfect gaming mouse is your grip style. Generally, people have three grip styles – 

Palm Grip 

Palm grip is the standard grip that most people use while playing games on the computer. In this kind of grip, the fingers of the player lay flat on the mouse buttons and the entire palm of the player rests on the body of the mouse. 

Tip Grip

Payer with tip grip lays the tip of the index, middle, and ring finger on the left and center button of the mouse but the palm of the player does not touch the body of the mouse only the thumb grips the side of the mouse. 

Claw Grip 

The palm of the players with claw grip rest on the back edge of the mouse and their thumb tips angles towards the buttons of the muse. The mouse which is larger and wider in size generally ideal for the player having palm grip whereas shorter and lighter mouse which do not have too much palm area is an ideal for a player with tip grip. Narrow mouse with the skinny and elongated primary button is ideal for a player with a claw grip. 

Determining The Ability Of Movement 

The next thing that you need to find out is to determine the ability of the movement of the mouse. Hence, it is necessary to check the DPI of the mouse. By DPI we mean the hardware-based mouse sensitivity. If you have a mouse with high DPI then it is better to do move the mouse precisely while playing games. As such if you want to purchase a gaming mouse you should select a mouse that has a minimum of 16000 DPI. With DPI you can also determine the sensitivity of the gaming mouse. You must check the sensitiveness of your mouse before buying it because if the mouse is too sensitive then it may cause you to miss a shot or overreact while playing games. 

Polling Rates 

You must check the polling rates of the gaming mouse before buying it. The polling rate of a gaming mouse can be defined as the rate at which the mouse can report its position back to the rest of the computer. The polling rate of a gaming mouse is measured in Hz. The polling rate of a gaming mouse generally hits a point of diminishing returns. If the polling rate of a gaming mouse is low or around 125 Hz then the mouse will become unresponsive while playing the games. Generally, it is seen that the polling rate of a gaming mouse around 500 to 1000 Hz is suitable for almost all games. However, the polling rate of a gaming mouse higher than 500 to 1000 Hz is not required for any kind of games. 

Wireless Or Wired Mouse 

Most people prefer wireless mouse over the wired mouse for playing games as it helps you to reduce the tangle of wires on your desk. These types of mouse basically rely on the radio waves for transmitting the signal to the receiver. The wireless mouse generally remains lag free during gaming but it mainly relies on the battery. However, in the market, you get a wide range of wireless mouse and some mouse come up with recharging cradles whereas in some other types of wireless mouse you have to scramble for an extra set of batteries. But, if you want absolute fast response for playing the games then it is advisable to go for the wired mouse as the wireless mouse cannot provide you too much fast response. Again in a wired mouse, you do not have to rely on the batteries. 


There are three types of sensors in a gaming mouse and they are a laser beam, optical beam and infrared. All these top gaming mouse sensors have some unique features. Mouse with laser beam technology is capable to work on almost all surfaces. But laser beam has more lift-off distance as compared to that of optical mouse and hence it causes problems if the mouse reaches the edge of the mouse pad. Recently, a gaming mouse is manufactured with a 5G infrared sensor which has the ability to lessen the problem of lift-off distance and can also work on any surface.

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