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Over the past few years the mobile gaming industry has seen tremendous growth. Along with the growth this industry experienced a massive drift from video games to mobile games and since then developers put their best foot forward in order to meet the required goals. 

Mobile gaming has evolved significantly from the start. Initial card games like teen patti, rummy, poker and other strategic games have been a major boost for developers since they have been in demand as of late, but most modern mobile games are much more advanced these days. Most of the gaming industry leaders have managed to land themselves on the greener side of digital demand by adapting the latest marketing trends. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality games (like Pokemon Go) are also increasingly successful. The entire metaverse is being built by massive companies such as Meta, so an immersive global VR gaming experience is in the works.

With an increase in the cost of the user acquisition most of the developers find it hard to sustain. In this particular blog post I will summarize some of latest trends in the mobile gaming industry. Read more current mobile gaming industry insights below, along with top gamer news from GameMite.

Long Term Marketing Plan

One of the most significant trends in the mobile gaming industry is a long term strategic marketing. Any long term marketing usually involves less risk when compared to a short duration marketing plan. 

With a long term marketing plan one can keep a holistic approach towards an effective creation. With local SEO packages being one of those options that pays off in the learn term. 

No one would deny the fact that with a strategic marketing it is easier to catch the pace in the long run. In order to streamline the production this is one of the most effective trends for this year. Knowing the fact that mostly the results are unpredictable, aggressive marketing can help in yielding sustainable growth.

The Shift From CPI To CPE 

The mobile gaming industry is undergoing a major change since the gaming industry is now shifting from CPI (Cost per install) to CPE  (Cost per engagement). This is no surprise as Cost Per Engagement helps in attaining more audience as compared to the cost per install. Engagement and retention promises better accountability. CPE offers the mobile app publishers to pay only when the user find the ads engaging. Savvy publishers often prefer to practice CPE, while previous they were utilizing more CPI. 

One of the interesting reasons behind this change is the user acquisition. A user that plays the game and levels up and comes up again has a higher value than the one who plays the game few times. Publishers and marketers need to constantly remind or incentivize the player to continue playing the game, and possibly making more in-game purchases.

Mobile Game Brand Analysis 

How many times do you analyze the Top 10 games in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store? One of the most crucial trends is to position your product in the market place. This is when you differentiate your product from some other product, catering the similar needs. 

Just like Rovio Entertainment is known for Angry Birds and Sega is often known for Altered Beast, you must determine what you will be recognized for. Analyse Your Specialty. If you dream of being a successful game developer, make sure to serve a certain consumer segment and don't think of being every game to every player. 

Dan Janal one of the Founding Fathers of Digital Marketing and Publicity, invented a formula which he called "The Fool Proof Positioning Statement" or FPPS, and it goes like this: [Company] is a [category] that / who helps [primary audience] reach [primary benefits]. Unlike other [category, company (or product or person)], [primary difference]. So develop the game you would really enjoy developing and don't try to please everyone with your mobile gaming product. 

Video Advertising 

This one is a no-brainer. People buy interesting products that they see in prominent locations or multiple times, and people click when they find a video interesting. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say paid advertisement is the one of the best tactics to utilize. Current and future publishers will invest more money in effective video advertising. Since videos are easily searchable, it helps to captivate a larger audience.

Master The Mobile Gaming Industry

The mobile gaming industry has changed significantly over the last several years. With new mobile gaming options, virtual / augmented reality maturing, and more powerful smartphones the future of mobile gaming will be exciting to watch. Get on top of new gaming trends and start growing!

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