How To Bet Better On Boxing Bouts

how to read boxing odds bet on matches like pro gambler

Boxing continues to be one of the most popular sports on the planet and it remains one of the most popular sports to bet on too, with bookmakers offering a vast selection of markets and special offers for every major fight. And while their attention is understandably focused on those big bouts that get the world talking, that does not get their sole attention. Not only do undercard fights on this big nights of boxing get priced up, the bookies also offer odds for a whole host of bouts taking place across the globe on an almost daily basis. But with so much boxing scheduled throughout the year, what bets should you be placing on the ‘sweet science’? We have the answers right here below.

Boxing is big right now, and still a bold way to make a big payday while delivering the biggest entertainment. boxing odds come in 3 major forms, including American, decimal, and fractional. Given that this guide is focused on North American bettors, we'll stick with American odds for examples. These odds indicate the favorite with a minus (-) sign and the underdog with a plus (+) sign. They use $100 as a standard for how much you can win on the favorite or underdog. 

Here's an example of how American odds work: Tyson Fury -195 Anthony Joshua +160 In this instance, you'd need to bet $195 to win $100 (profit) on Fury. Meanwhile, you'd wager $100 to win $160 (profit) on Joshua. Boxing betting doesn't work much differently than team sports regarding the odds. The wager shown in the example is common throughout sports gambling. As explained in the next section, though, sportsbooks modify certain bet types to fit the parameters of boxing. Most boxing bets take place online these days. After registering and depositing, you can browse an internet sportsbook's list of available boxing betting lines. From here, you choose one or more wagers to put on a betting slip. Once you've confirmed the slip, your wager(s) will be live and can't be changed later. That said, one of the simplest boxing betting tips is to double-check your slip before omitting it. This practice ensures that you'll only place desired boxing bets rather than accidental ones.

Best Boxing Betting Sites Many online sportsbooks feature boxing betting. Therefore, you'll have no shortage of options to choose from when wagering on professional boxing. If you need any help finding a quality sportsbook, though, you can start with the following best US betting sites. Unlike team sports such as baseball, basketball, or football, boxing doesn't have a set season. Nevertheless, it does feature something of an unofficial season. Many fights take place between April and September. While bouts still happen outside of these months, the majority occur between spring and the early fall. The number of fights that each pro boxer takes varies from case to case. Newer pros might have a boxing match every 1-2 months. After all, they typically only fight between four and six rounds. More-experienced fighters have bouts lasting between eight and 12 rounds and only fight 2-3 times per year. These same athletes are generally in the biggest boxing matches in terms of fanfare and betting action. Professional boxing features 18 weight classes. Eight of these are known as “glamour divisions” because they're part of the sport's “Original Eight” classes. You can see all 18 weight classes along with the glamour divisions in bold: 

Heavyweight: 200+ lbs Bridgerweight: 200–224 lbs Cruiserweight: 175–200 lbs Light heavyweight: 168–175 lbs Super middleweight: 160–168 lbs Middleweight: 154–160 lbs Light middleweight: 147–154 lbs Welterweight : 140–147 lbs Light welterweight: 135–140 lbs Lightweight: 130–135 lbs Super featherweight: 126–130 lbs Featherweight: 122–126 lbs Super bantamweight: 118–122 lbs Bantamweight: 115–118 lbs Super flyweight: 112–115 lbs Flyweight: 108–112 lbs Light flyweight: 105–108 lbs Strawweight: 105 lbs The highest-profile boxing fights happen in the “glamour divisions”. These divisions draw the vast majority of boxing bets.

How to Bet Better on Boxing Placing wagers on fights can range from very straightforward bets on who will win outright to more complicated propositional bets involving rounds, methods of victory and fight-specific outcomes. Boxing wagers are placed on a moneyline. A moneyline is a number set by bookmakers which determines winnings based on a $100 bet. The negative number indicates which fighter is favored to win the fight and is the dollar amount one must wager to win $100. The positive number indicates who the bookmaker considers the underdog and is the dollar amount one wins when placing a $100 wager.

Where to bet on boxing online While Free Super Tips is the best place for boxing predictions, there are a variety of places where you can bet on boxing. All these can be found on our boxing free bets, showing you the UK’s best bookmakers and their respective free bet offers. Once there, you can compare them to find the best value. How to bet on boxing So, how does betting on boxing work? Luckily, it’s fairly easy to get your head around it since most bookmakers only offer a handful of markets for each event. However, all are great fun. Let’s go through a few of the big ones. Outright Winner is the simplest form of betting on boxing, and just involves backing one fighter to beat the other. This can be by any means – points victory, KO or the retirement of the other player. Conversely, you can bet on the winning method. By analysing fighters’ previous wins you can get a good picture of their most common form of win. But all you have to do is follow our boxing tips – our experts will do all the hard work for you.

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