The Growing Effect Of Social Media On Sports

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The far-reaching transformation of social media platforms over the last few years had a significant impact on all aspects of life, and sports is no exception. Nowadays, every team, player, league, or sports association have at least one social media account where they share essential information with the world and market their brand. 

On the other end, sports fans now prefer to get online all the information they need about an upcoming game. In fact, about 61% of sports fans prefer to keep tabs on the latest sports news online. Social media is a big source of that sports news through channels like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram.

Athletes use social media to keep in touch with their supporters, give updates about their lives, push brands, sell products, and make money as they have thousands or millions of loyal followers. 

While fans, athletes, and teams are getting all they want from the continuous growth of social media, TV channels, especially the major ones, don’t really enjoy their benefits as they are losing viewers every year. 

According to experts, TV channels will continue to lose viewers and subscribers because individuals need something extra to keep them entertained while they watch their favorite sports team play. This need for something extra is the reason fans tend to use Twitter 5.6, Facebook 5.8, and Instagram 4.4 times more on game day than on any other day. More people continuously cut the cable cord in favor of social media, websites, along with on-demand content like Netflix and Hulu. 

The rate of social media use in sports isn’t going to end anytime soon. A study conducted by a group of betting sites shows that 91% of worldwide sports leaders believe that social media engagement of fans will grow in the next 5-10 years. If this statistic turns out right, it will be a big step for sports brands as they can make their products more visible to the general public. 

Already, some brands are becoming more visible by starting online campaigns to support and encourage women to get into sports. For example, the English Sports Council used the media to help women get more involved in sports, and fans not only ate it up, but they also spoke highly of the Council. Social media is clearly changing the game when it comes to sports, betting, and overall multimedia worldwide.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the growing effect of social media marketing on sports and sports betting industries.

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