Offering Customer Financing For Your Auto Repair Shop

offering customer financing auto repair shop

Are you looking to increase your auto repair shop revenue by 85%? Are you looking to offer third-party customer financing for your auto repair shop customers? We offer customer financing options for hundreds of businesses that want the benefits of customer financing, including auto repair shops. Here are the details on customer financing for auto repair shops. 

What Is Customer Financing For Auto Repair Shops? 

There are over 200,000 independent auto repair shops in the United States creating a market share of $69 billion a year. However, many auto shops are closing due to the pandemic and not creating enough opportunity to work with more customers. 

One of the fastest ways to improve a business’ bottom line is to offer customer financing. Customer financing for auto repair shops allows the customer to have more confidence in buying larger service packages than auto shops that don’t offer customer financing. In fact, implementing third-party customer financing can improve your ticket sales by 85% and improve repeat customers by 20%. 

Offering Financing To Your Auto Repair Shop Customers 

Offering customer financing is an easy process that can be up and running in as little as 48 hours. Just think, you can potentially almost double your sales within 48 hours, and have a dozen lenders under one umbrella waiting to give your customers various loan offers to cover their auto shop repair bill - even customers with bad credit. 

How Customer Financing Works 

Setting up customer financing is fast and some of the perks working with us is you have seamless integration with existing websites, instant approval, many loan offers, e-signature, your own dashboard to view your client’s funding status, paperless transactions, and no clawback if your customer defaults on the loan. 

Your customer can view several loan offers from their phone and choose the best offer. You, as the auto repair shop owner, get the full amount of the purchase price and the customer then pays back the lender. If the customer defaults on the loan there is no recourse to you. It is solely between the customer and the lender, not you. 

Why Apply With Us For Auto Repair Shop Customer Financing 

We offer customer financing for both products and services ranging from $300 for products and $1000 for services all the way up to $100,000. Our terms are 1 year to 15 years for the customer. You also get your own personalized web page for the customer financing. It seamlessly works with what you already have. 

We have been in business for over 6 years and not only do customer financing, we also help small businesses with working capital loans and business cash advances. We have put over $50 million dollars worth of capital into the hands of business owners who needed help to survive. 

We are devoted to the survival of each business owner in the U.S. because we are business owners ourselves. We take business closures personally and want to help each business thrive and survive. Customer financing can not only propel your business forward, it can give your customers confidence knowing they have many options at checkout. 

Now is the most crucial time to take action with your auto repair shop. The fastest way to increase profitability is to offer customer financing to your customers. You can see an improvement in the first week of offering your customers financing options. Thanks for reading about our new customer financing solutions and merchant cash advance opportunities! Simply fill out the business loan MCA questionnaire through the link below. 


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