What Happens Before A Casino Opens In Pennsylvania?

what happens before a casino opens in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) is the licensing and regulatory agency for gambling in the state. When an investor wants to open a casino in Pennsylvania, they apply with the board and pay the required fees. 

Once approved, the investor goes ahead with the preparation of the gambling facility. They must follow all the compliance rules and guidelines given by the board. When everything is set, and the casino is ready to open, the investor must wait for a go-ahead signal from the board. 

Working Hand In Hand With The PGCB 

The PGCB must be involved in every step of setting up games at the facility. The operator must follow the guidelines based on the license category he applied for. The board issues four categories of casino licenses. 

Operators may apply for a Category 1 license which includes slot machines, card tables, and horse racing. Category 2 licenses include everything in a Category 1 license except horse racing. Category 3 is a resort casino license, and category 4 is a satellite casino license. 

Each license category allows a specific number of maximum slot machines and card game tables. A Category 2 license, for instance, allows the installation of a maximum of 5,000 slot machines. The casino may include a restaurant, sports bar, and sports betting kiosks. Some of the gambling facilities in Pennsylvania also run an online casino to serve customers who prefer to place bets from home. 

Inspecting A Casino Facility 

A casino in Pennsylvania cannot open to the public until an inspection process is complete. About two to three weeks before the opening date, the operator writes to the board, informing them everything is ready. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board sends its first wave of the inspection committee. 

They begin an inspection process of the new facility and inspect every detail. Gambling is one of the best things in Pennsylvania, but the board must make sure the rules are followed. They inspect the slot machines to make sure the operator has not exceeded the allowed maximum number. They check the tables and the readiness of the employees to begin serving customers. 

The Testing Days 

It is important to know how casinos make money to understand why testing is necessary. They make money by operating slot games and table games. If the inspection committee is satisfied with the facility settings, such as machines and tables, the operator waits for one more inspection process. The board sets another 2 to 3 testing days. 

It involves a review of RNG documentation and testing the slot machines' hardware and algorithms to make sure they contain no vulnerabilities. They do statistical testing of RNG output and check any issues of non-compliance. The board informs the operator about the testing days in advance. 

Part of testing involves checking if the employees have the right working conditions. The testing committee completes its work within two to three days, and the operator waits for the final report. If the operator has followed all rules, they get approved, and the facility opens.

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