How To Overcome Bad Debts In A New Business Venture

how to overcome bad debts new business venture debt

Starting your own business is a unique and exciting experience. However, being an entrepreneur is complicated, and you may suddenly find yourself stuck in a debt storm that seems impossible to escape. If that is the case, then you need to take drastic actions and decisions to improve your financial situation. 

In this article, you will find tips on how to get out of bad debt and restore your business to good standing. 

Identify Why You Got Into Debt 

Bad debts do not mean the end of your business. Half of the solution to a problem is to recognize the problem. Thus, you must identify the issues that affect your business and then determine how you can counteract their effects. If you cannot determine how you got into debt, then you cannot effectively plan how to get out of it. 

Analyze Your Monthly Budget 

Make sure you analyse your budget immediately and thoroughly. Identify the essential monthly fixed expenses and reduce all others. Identify variable costs and be sure to cut down all unnecessary spending quickly. Reducing expenses will immediately give you room to undo some payments with creditors. 

Prepare An X-Ray Of Your Debts (Liabilities) 

An "x-ray" means a complete summary of all obligations that you currently have. Be sure to include everything you owe and do not fool yourself by pretending to hide "small debts." The more honest you are with your debts, the better decisions you will make. 

Include all these in the radiography: debts to suppliers, credit cards, loans to relatives or third parties, monthly payments for the acquisition of goods, etc. Once you have them ready, add them and take out a total. The result will be your real passive state, and it is better to have it very clear from this moment to project a realistic plan of how to get out of debt. 

Negotiate With Your Creditors

Negotiation is one of the most critical aspects of getting out of debts. The pressure from creditors' is usually substantial, especially when they don't receive much from you. However, if you approach them openly to negotiate and ask for help, you could be surprised by how willing many of them would be to recondition your debt. 

An additional alternative is to propose partial payments with product or services, which can represent a good alternative in exchange for not recovering their capital. 

Don't Try To Settle A Debt With Another Debt

Another common mistake people make when they are under pressure is to pay debts by taking loans or using credit cards. You should avoid the temptation of getting into more debt at all costs. If your credit card is creating problems for you, it may be time for you to cut it into small pieces and place it where it doesn't cause more problems. 

Of course, this requires a lot of courage and a genuine desire to change your current situation. It's possible to make an exception for loans for people with poor credit ratings, which are created specifically for people in critical financial situations. 

Evaluate And Adjust Your Payroll

Unfortunately, in difficult times, it is urgent to check your payroll. Of course, laying off staff is not easy, but it is a necessary measure when the survival of the company is at stake. Analyze positions and seek an intelligent redistribution of work so that you can continue doing the same tasks with less staff. 

Be sure to clearly explain to your staff the reasons that led you to make such a drastic decision to reduce your team to the minimum necessary. In the end, when you are deep in debt, you must be prepared to change the direction of your company. 

If your business conditions have varied, if the market changes, or if the chances to continue regular operation are far away, then you should be prepared to consider a change of direction. Being in bad debt doesn't have to mean losing your business. 

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