How To Create Enticing Direct Mail Marketing Envelopes

how to create enticing direct mail marketing envelopes successful print mailers

Many marketing teams launch direct mail campaigns to promote their brands. Marketers work together to create brand-specific postcards, magazines, brochures, newsletters and other materials. You collaborate to come up with persuasive calls-to-action and attractive designs for each item. However, all of your efforts go to waste when you cannot convince your audience to open the envelopes. You need to spend just as much time designing your envelope as you do the contents inside. Continue reading to learn how to create enticing direct mail marketing envelopes. 

Use Directive Language 

Firstly, use directive language when creating your direct mail marketing envelopes. Directive language presents a sense of urgency that convinces recipients to follow instructions. The best directive words to use include "open immediately" and "look inside". Combine these urgent phrases with other persuasive words such as "free" and "limited-time". Keep your envelope text short and to the point as well. You want to offer enough insight and demanding voice to entice consumers. However, bombarding them with paragraphs of text on the envelope will have a negative effect. Use friendly, urgent phrases on your direct mail envelopes to convince consumers to open them. 

Make Them Colorful 

In order to create effective direct mail marketing envelopes, you also need to use color. White envelopes are as generic as they come. They blend right into the pile of bills, bank statements and insurance inquiries. When you add a pop of color, consumers notice your mail right away. Several companies sell quality envelopes in a variety of shades. You can get them there in 5x7 envelopes and other sizes. Make them unique to your brand by adding your logo. When selecting a color, consider how your logo and other brand images will look on it. Make a black and white logo pop on a bright yellow envelope. Royal blue works well for strictly professional brands with white logos. Determine the best color for your company's envelopes to improve your direct mail marketing campaigns. 

Add Signs Of Credibility 

Moreover, add signs of credibility to your envelopes. Today's consumers constantly fear scams. They move dozens if not hundreds of emails into their junk folders every day. The same goes for their physical mail. Most recipients separate their mail into three piles: bills, leisurely mail and scams. The scam pile typically gets thrown away. To prevent your mail from getting thrown into that garbage pile, prove your credibility. Add an anniversary seal to the front of your envelopes. Seal your envelopes closed with warranty stickers. You can even print your envelopes with guarantee labels on them. Show consumers that your brand offers true value. Then, you can persuade them to look inside of your marketing envelopes. 

Consider Using Windows 

Several marketing teams opt for windowed envelopes as well. Windows allow you to provide recipients with more initial information. The best marketing envelopes with windows showcase limited-time deals and product features. Many teams also conveniently place their marketing items inside of their windowed envelopes. They show the most intriguing portion through the window. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of windowed options. Stationery companies create single and double window envelopes. Consider the direct mail design ideas you can utilize with windowed envelopes. 

Trigger Consumer Emotions 

Lastly, trigger consumer emotions with your direct mail marketing envelopes. When you create advertisements, you constantly think about your target audience. You consider their likes, dislikes, hobbies and needs. Then, you use those thoughts to produce a specific emotion in your advertisement. Follow this same process for your envelopes. Determine the best emotion to trigger based on what your envelope's contents hold. Banks trigger hope to convince consumers to improve their current financial statuses. Many charities also use this trigger. They often combine it with guilt to persuade consumers to donate. Select the best emotion to provoke. Then, create an envelope that triggers it. You can create persuasive direct mail marketing envelopes with this method. 

Entice And Engage With Excellent Direct Mail Marketing Envelopes

Any successful direct mail marketing campaign begins with the envelopes. Therefore, it is crucial that you create high-quality packaging for your advertisements. Use directive language in your envelope designs. This strategy creates a sense of urgency that convinces consumers to look inside. Persuade consumers to open your mail by investing in colorful envelopes that match your logo. More so, add signs of credibility to prove that your mailers are not scams. Use windowed envelopes to showcase enticing portions of your envelope's contents. Finally, trigger consumers' emotions through your envelope design. Follow this advice to create enticing direct mail marketing envelopes for your next campaign.

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