Gambling For Teenagers: What To Do?

gambling for teenagers what to do

Gambling comes in many forms. The most common forms of gambling include card games, lottery tickets, apps, video games, and sports bets. Gambling can be a wonderful activity, especially for adults, due to its several benefits. However, they are not the safest activities for children and teenagers. 

What Is Gambling? 

In gambling, your stake and bet something valuable to you to win something. The risk factor makes gambling an enjoyable activity, and the camaraderie involved; gambling games are also social. 

You can gamble through several platforms on-site and online. Online, Bet88 is a safe and good platform for online table games. However, the site is accessible to those aged eighteen (18) and above. 

Do Children And Teenagers Gamble? 

Ideally, children and teenagers do not gamble, as legal gambling activities are restricted until they turn eighteen (18). However, some children and teens have gambled. The earliest instances that children have gambled can be as young as ten years old (10). For a child and teenagers, the most common and accessible form of gambling is available through lottery tickets, bingo, and the like. 

When Does Gambling For Teenagers Become A Problem? 

Gambling for teenagers and kids becomes a problem when some or all of the following occur: 

● They have a hard time quitting the habit 
● They prefer to gamble instead of pursuing their responsibilities 
● Goes past longer periods of gambling 
● I cannot stop saying things, commenting, and thinking about gambling 
● Making excuses so that they can pursue gambling activities 
● Enter activities that force them to roll 

With these symptoms, you can identify if your child has a gambling addiction and gambling problem. 

What Can I Do If My Teenager Has A Gambling Problem? 

Why Is Gambling Attractive To My Child? 

Gambling is attractive to your child because gambling has become so widespread that children see gambling as a normal part of everyday life. In addition, there are several gambling advertisements that send messages that gambling is a fun way to join in with others and accumulate more wealth. 

What Are Signs That My Teen Might Have A Gambling Problem? 

The signs that your teenager might have a problem are: 

● Mood swings 
● Depression 
● Playing for longer than planned 
● Making excuses to gamble 

What To Do? 

If your teen or tween has a gambling problem, these are what you can do: 

● Set limits 
● Discuss with them the nature of gambling 
● Recommend and do alternative activities such as exercise as a replacement for gambling 

Teenage Gambling Addiction Prevention 

How do I prevent my teenager from having a gambling addiction? You can prevent your teenager from developing a gambling addiction by the following: 

● Discussing With Them The True Nature Of Gambling 

Gambling is a more nuanced topic than being dismissed as something inherently bad. Due to social mores influenced by older beliefs propagated by older generations (one example is its nature as stated by Daoist and Confucian philosophies), gambling can be misunderstood as an activity. Children in the upper years of primary school are generally ready to learn about gambling, which includes the low likelihood of winning. By discussing with your child the risks and the ins and outs of gambling, they will have a more nuanced understanding of it as an activity instead of simply forbidding it because it is “bad.” 

● Watch Out For Gambling Warning Signs 

Watch out for how bored your teenager can get. Several warning signs can signal that your child may be struggling with a gambling problem, including depression, mood swings, and anxiety. 

● Lead By Example 

Parents are influential in the development of their children. If you suffer from a gambling problem, then there may be a strong possibility your child can suffer from gambling addictions too, unless you actively take precautions to educate them about its dangers. 

Wrapping Up 

Although gambling is a pleasurable activity, it comes with caveats and consequences. Therefore, it is still best to start gambling at the age of maturity, as by this time, you will possess a more mature view of the activity and the world and develop the skills necessary for the activities.

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