Problem Gambling: Kids Protection And Prevention Tips

kids problem gambling addiction child prevention tips

Problem gambling and gambling addictions are significant issues facing the gaming industry. Although most of us understand the importance of gambling responsibly, some people have trouble resisting the urge to gamble. 

In Sweden, the Public Health Agency reports an increase in problem gamblers by 1% each year. This means that approximately 100,000 Swedish citizens develop a gambling addiction in a single year. This percentage is also starting to creep into the younger generation. 

Our guest expert, Dominic Andreasson, helps shed light on the developing situation regarding childhood gambling and addictions. At casinobonusar, we understand the importance of responsible gambling and support in preventing addictions in our Swedish clients. 

A casino addiction can have detrimental effects not only on the person suffering from the addiction but also on their family and loved ones. Since problem gambling usually starts at a young age, youth are at higher risk of developing young casino addiction. 

What Are The Signs Of A Potential Gambling Problem In Children? 

There are a few indicators that may point to a gambling problem in children. This can help you to see the signs before the problem becomes too big. Some of these indicators include: 

• The child spends the bulk of their time on online gaming sites. 
• They withdraw from family, friends, and other social events. 
• The child steals money from you or uses your card to purchase online games without asking. 
• They start selling their belongings (or similar destructive behaviours) to buy items for their online game. 
• The child expresses anger and frustration when their online game time is limited. 
• They express frustration or anger when purchasing items for their online game but will continue spending money to “fix the problem”.
• The child suddenly has more money out of the blue.

Risks Associated With Your Child’s Gambling 

There are many risks associated with gambling. But when it comes to younger adults, these risks can differ slightly. Some of these risks include: 

• Anti-social behaviour far into adulthood 
• Poorer achievement in school 
• Smoking, drinking, and drug use 
• Higher rates of developing depression and anxiety 
• Loss of important friendships 

How To Protect And Prevent Problem Gambling In Kids 

The research regarding these addictions is still relatively new. This is also true of effective ways to prevent this addiction. However, there are things you can do to help protect your child from gambling addiction. Most of these addictions start at an early age. Therefore, protection and prevention must start early on. 

Some ways that you can protect your child from addictions are: 

• Supporting your child 
• Fostering a positive outlook 
• Setting realistic boundaries and expectations 
• Teaching them about managing their money and setting a budget 
• Talking honestly about what gambling is and how to gamble responsibly 

Besides protecting your child from gambling problems, you also need to equip them with the skills necessary to prevent a problem if they start to participate in games. 

Let’s look at some of the ways you can prevent this addiction in your child. 

1. Explain How Gambling Works 

Have an open and honest discussion with them about gambling and how it works. Make sure that they understand that the odds of winning are always stacked in the house’s favour. Explain that the house always makes more than they pay out in winnings. That’s the only way that they can stay in business. 

2. Look Out For Gambling Signs 

For a lot of young adults, gambling can offer an escape from their current lives or stresses. This means it’s extra vital for you to keep an eye out for any signs of addiction like mentioned above. 

3. Consider Your Family And Attitudes Regarding Gambling 

You need to be open and honest with your child regarding gambling, you also need to make sure that you, as the parent, model good behaviour. If you’re at the casino every weekend spending money, why isn’t it alright for them to do the same? You need to set the example to them that gambling can be fun if enjoyed responsibly

4. Talk About Online Screen Use 

Teach your child from a young age to make good decisions about online gaming and media choices. If you encourage them to have a balanced approach to screen time, they will learn other coping mechanisms and ways to deal with emotions and stress. Discuss these rules with them, and consider their input for the best results. 

Is It Even Possible To Protect Your Child From Gambling? 

From the above information, you can see that it is possible to protect your child from gambling’s harmful effects. If you implement these different prevention and protection measures, you can provide the best possible environment for them to learn about responsible gambling. 

Which of these gambling addiction prevention suggestions are you already implementing? Share this article link on social media and let us know about your experiences with youth gambling prevention and reduction. Make sure to give them a try, and keep your child’s wellbeing in mind at all times.

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