11 Businesses You Can Start In Dubai

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Superb economical background and stable political environment are the major reasons why Dubai is the central business hub of the United Arab Emirates. 

However, it is true that there are so many people who believe that the Arab countries are all about oil and petrochemical industries. 

Dubai provides plenty of business opportunities to not only the residents of the country but also for foreigners. Diversity in population and not so strict business rules are the primary reasons for businessmen and companies to favor Dubai to kick-start their venture. 

Dubai government encourages foreigners to start or expand their businesses by providing modern facilities in the case set up or in managing the infrastructure. 

If you want to start a business in Dubai, you might have some ideas. It doesn't matter if you're going to start small or big, you have to think and take proper measurements before you invest your time and money in a business. 

If you are wondering which business can be profitable for you to start in Dubai, then you have come to the right place. 

This article is about 11 business ideas that one can begin in Dubai and earn a profit. 

1. Tour & Travels 

Millions of new tourists and visitors visit Dubai every year, making Dubai one of the most popular vacation places in the world. The famous shopping festival, gold market, and international fashion destination, happening nightlife, are some of the major attractions of Dubai. 

Starting a travel agency business in Dubai can be a great idea. One can take the initiative to help travelers with all the legal formalities like applying for the visa, arranging and providing hospitality, etc. In order to get the proper business license as a non-resident of Dubai, trusting the professionals like Merritt can be really helpful. 

2. Food & Beverages 

The food and beverage industry can make a profit in anywhere in the world. Since Dubai has such a great diversity in population, various cuisines can attract the crowd. It doesn't matter if one opens a shack of fast food and snacks or a luxury restaurant. People will come and eat at both restaurants as the demand for food and beverage is never going down. So, investing in the food and beverage industry can be a great business opportunity in Dubai. 

3. Retail Business 

Whether you want to open your own retail store or open franchise is going to be your choice. Whatever you opt for can taste success as a retail business that is very popular in Dubai. The tourists visiting Dubai look for some souvenirs, so opening a souvenir store or a simple apparel store is a moneymaking option. 

4. Recruitment 

The number of foreign workers working in Dubai is huge. Many people look for the opportunity to start their career in Dubai. Most of the workers work in oil, real estate, tourism industries. Starting a recruitment agency to provide manpower to the Dubai based industries can be a good idea to begin your business venture. 

5. Advertising 

Advertising can be done in both ways. One can sit at home and still provide advertising and marketing services by working online. Services like website development, digital marketing, and product promotion campaigns have a huge demand in Dubai. Mostly the newly established companies are in great need of these types of promotion. 

Opening a marketing and advertising agency to provide both offline and online services is going to be a lucrative option. 

6. E-Commerce 

The E-commerce industry has grabbed the whole world's market, so how can UAE become spared. Investing in an e-commerce business is going to be a fruitful and growing business option. Opening a unique e-commerce website can be a great option to draw people’s attention. 

7. Event Organising 

As Dubai is the business hub of UAE, business meetings and conferences, exhibitions, and workshops are daily basis things. Starting an event management company to organize such events along with social events like weddings or birthday parties is a pretty good business option. 

8. Nightclubs 

Dubai is famous for its beaches and dazzling parties that happen at night. Everybody enjoys some relaxation after a hard-working day or week. Managing a proper license to open a nightclub is going to be a huge opportunity to kick-start your business venture. 

9. Day Care Centre 

Though it can be a tiresome job, still, if one loves babies and knows how to handle them, running a daycare center is a terrific business idea. However, it is a sensitive job, and the profit depends on the impression of the daycare center. If parents are satisfied with your job, managing and running a daycare center will be very beneficial. 

10. Jewelry Design 

Since Dubai is famous for Gold and diamond jewelry, then it is needless to say that Jewellery design is going to be a fantastic idea. However, proper knowledge is required to shine in such cases because there can be many competitors. Starting your own jewelry line can be an excellent opportunity for you to join the business industry of Dubai. 

11. Environmentally Friendly Businesses Like Clean Energy And Recycled Products

Though Dubai's growth and development was fast, the industrialization or construction causes environmental damages. People are being aware of changing the current situation and are more prone to get environmentally friendly products. Eco-conscious services, like recycling and environmental protections, are a good source of income for those who wish to do something out of the box. 

Start Your Smart Business In Dubai

The lists of business ideas that you can start in Dubai are not limited to this article. Dubai provides a plethora of profitable business opportunities to the one who can risk taking a chance. The truth is that there can be lots of competitors, but believing in yourself is the key to success. There are some ground rules implied by the Dubai Government which needs to be followed before starting a business, as you will find in any country. A trustworthy corporate service provider can be a massive help for those who want to give a go at opening a new business in Dubai.

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