How To Increase Restaurant Sales And Revenue

how to increase restaurant sales food service revenue

If you currently have a struggling restaurant business, you need to find ways to make it flourish. There are several aspects that you should study for your restaurant business to be successful. One is attracting new clients and the second is keeping the old ones. 

The big question that you should ask yourself right now is how does your restaurant business fare? What are the things that you can do to improve your profit? You have to understand that selling and serving food does not come with a substantial profit. That is why, as the owner, it is your responsibility to think of ways to earn more money. Here are some pointers to get you going. 

Teach Your Servers To Upsell 

Rather than just taking down orders from the menu, it would help if you train your servers to offer different foods and drinks. They could suggest appetizers, desserts and other best selling items. Aside from serving plain water, you should offer other beverages like soda, alcohol and juices. You should train your servers to change their mindset when it comes to accepting orders. They should be focused on the amount of profit that each table will earn after the customers have paid for their meals. 

Offer Bottomless Drinks 

One of the reasons why customers will keep coming back to your restaurant is because of the freebies that they get to enjoy every visit. You should get in touch with reputable fruit juice concentrate suppliers UK restaurant owners use, and start serving unlimited fruit juices in different variants to your clients. You can compensate for these free drinks by convincing customers to order more food on every visit. Also offering bottomless beverages will not have a significant impact on your sales because an average person can only consume an average of three to five large glasses of liquid per meal. That is why it is essential to look for suppliers that offer their drinks at a lower price so you can still make a good profit. 

Offer To Host Parties And Other Special Events 

Aside from your daily operations, it would be nice to earn extra income by starting your catering service. You can find ways to serve quality food to your clients while keeping the costs affordable and within their budget. In catering, you earn your profit by serving food in vast quantities, which makes your clients come back to you the second or third time around. 

Catering is also one way to promote your restaurant to new clients, especially big corporations. Be open to the idea of having a private event catering in Toronto for Christmas parties, anniversaries, baptisms, and birthdays. 

Remember Restaurant Marketing

Lastly, do not forget to be consistent in improving your marketing strategy. The restaurant business is a very aggressive industry, that is why, as the owner, you always need to be on top of things. You can continue promoting your restaurant via social media or through traditional methods. You can offer freebies, discounts or loyalty points to your clients to entice them to come back to your restaurant business.

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