The Power Of Having A Niche Marketing Strategy

In today’s world, we are no longer just bombarded with marketing messages in the form of adverts, we are now completely bombarded with content from all angles, from blog posts to news feeds and social media notifications in addition to the plethora of emails that hit our inbox on a daily basis. 

Indeed, one of the greatest challenges for digital marketers in today’s environment is ensuring that the emails you send get opened by people on your list, yet the first step in making this happen is to ensure they are actually receiving your emails rather than being blocked by spam filters. This is why email cleaning has become more popular in recent years, as the importance of maintaining a good reputation as an email sender is critical to your business. 

The social phenomenon known as information overload is due to the fact we are all so overstimulated with the marketing messages we receive. 

In such a frantic world where we are bombarded with content people have become much more guarded in terms of what content they will actually give their attention to - particularly if it’s from a commercial organisation. 

Our internal spam filters mean that very few pieces of content actually get absorbed, today, but there’s one magical ingredient that all content marketers and business owner should no about. 


You need to make sure you are as relevant as possible to your audience - as it’s this relevance that will help you connect with your audience and ensure your messages get opened with a strong conversion rate. 

When it comes to business, unless you have an insane marketing budget, the best advice is to be a big fish within a little pond, and operate within a particular niche, as this way you will be noticed by the people visiting your pond. Whereas, if you’re a small fish in a large pond people often won’t see you - meaning you have to spend a lot more on marketing. 

A niche is essentially a focused subset of a particular market group; for instance, if you were to be a personal trainer then a niche within this category would be personal training for new mums, or for expectant mothers who are currently pregnant. 

You essentially want to pick a niche that is broad enough to have a decent sized customer base yet targeted enough so that you can grow your brand and personal brand into the “go to” authority within that subsection of the market. 

The basic point is that you don’t want to blend in and get lost in the crowd of all the other, personal trainers in this example. Instead, you want to stand out with a strong personal brand. That said, you need to make sure you are standing out for the right reasons and also that your niche is profitable. 

In a nutshell, you need to make sure you stand out for a good reason, and the best reason to stand out from the crowd is by being extremely relevant to a particular target group of people within a market.

I hope you enjoyed this article about why your bootstrapped business needs a niche marketing strategy to succeed in the long-term.

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