5 Top Tools Needed For Professional Podcast Production

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Starting a podcast from scratch is not an easy job. Anybody can create a unique theme for a podcast and develop the skills necessary to present information in a captivating and engaging way, but if you don’t have the right tools for podcast production then you will be dead in the water. To that end, learn everything there is to know about podcast production including the 5 absolute must-have tools that all podcasters need to succeed. 

What Is A Podcast? 

To those who have never heard the term, podcast production companies specialize in the creation of audio programs for people or companies. These audio programs function similarly to radio shows, but they are subscribed to via a smartphone or computer, as opposed to through a radio. 

Typically, podcasts feature episodes with a new topic each week that is a part of an overall theme that a podcaster defines for the show. Whether your goal is to create a business for yourself or to simply discuss a topic you love, podcasts can be a great way to get your message out. However, there are a number of benefits and drawbacks all potential podcasters should first consider: 

Benefits Of Starting A Podcast 

• The ability to define yourself as a subject matter expert in whichever niche you choose 
• The opportunity to connect with other influencers in your chosen space 
• You can build a deeper connection with your audience of like-minded listeners 
• You can repurpose content that was already high performing 
• Podcasts can be extremely beneficial for creating your own brand image 

Drawbacks Of Starting A Podcast 

• The startup cost for equipment can dissuade some individuals 
• Accessibility can be an issue for your listeners depending on what podcast host you use 
• Identifying your target niche can be a challenge 
• Researching topics in your niche may be extremely difficult 

5 Tools For Growing Your Podcast 

No matter the reason you have for wanting to start a podcast, below are five of the best tools for podcast creation that a person should consider using: 

1. Professional Editing Software 

If you have resolved to edit the podcast episodes that you create by yourself, it will be important to purchase professional editing software. Quality is everything with podcast production, and a podcast with a large amount of outside noise or unwanted noise can quickly ruin a show. 

2. Adequate Recording Equipment 

Given that the nature of a podcast is speaking into a microphone, you will want to be sure that you invest in quality recording equipment that captures your voice and tone. Truthfully, for podcasters with only a couple hundred to a couple thousand listeners, a multi-hundred dollar podcasting microphone will suit your needs perfectly. Once you gain more listeners you can choose to invest in something pricier, but don’t shell out thousands of dollars before it’s necessary. 

3. A Strong Camera If You Will Be On Video 

As mentioned, some podcasters choose to record themselves via video to and upload it to sites such as YouTube for additional content. If you plan on this, be sure to invest in an adequate video camera that doesn’t distort lighting. Additionally, use the audio from your microphone in the video, as opposed to using the audio from the camera. 

4. Headphones For Audio During Production 

When producing your podcast, whether listening back or editing, it is important to have a pair of effective headphones. This will allow you to identify smaller background noises or errors that you may not have noticed when listening with your naked ears. As with a microphone, these headphones don’t need to be overly expensive right off the bat and something simple can work perfectly fine to start. 

5. A Windscreen Or Pop Filter 

One often overlooked piece of equipment in podcast production is a windscreen or pop filter. These take away the popping noise that can sometimes result from feedback when speaking into a microphone. With an incredibly cheap starting price point, there is no reason to avoid investing in a pop filter to enhance the audio you record. 

Grow Your New Podcasting Business Today 

With the proper dedication and time, anybody can create a podcast that garners hundreds of thousands of listeners on a monthly basis. Remember that some of the most difficult milestones to achieve will be the first few thousand podcast listeners, so avoid getting dejected if you are not getting the results you expected right away. Use some of the above tools to improve the quality of your production and watch your listeners rapidly start to increase.

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