Is Advertising on Radio Worth the Money?

advertising on radio worth the money frugal ads

Are you exploring different options for marketing your business?

If so, you may have considered advertising on radio and then dismissed the idea because you believe that radio has gone the way of the dinosaur.

You may want to reconsider though despite the decline in radio and uptick in podcasting production.

Why advertise on radio? There are a number of reasons radio advertising is still worth it.

1. Creating Radio Ads Is Affordable

If you're inclined to believe that TV is the quintessential broadcast advertising medium, then you better be prepared to pay a premium. Hiring a camera crew, talent, and direction, renting out a soundstage, and bringing in catering are just among the few expenses you can anticipate.

Meanwhile, all you need for radio is a solid script, a great microphone, and someone who's good on the air. In other words, a great radio ad can be produced at a fraction of the cost of a television ad. You can even work with an established company on the internet to produce your own radio ad.

2. It Addresses a Need for Immediacy

On top of being affordable to produce, radio ads take very little time to create. This is an especially big plus when you need to get a campaign out onto the airwaves quickly. 

By contrast, print and television take far longer to produce, as there are multiple hoops through which to jump. This makes them far from ideal in supporting your need to broadcast immediate content. 

3. You Will Build Your Brand

Did you know that audio advertising alone can increase the effects of brand communication by 20%? This is partially because radio is so cost-effective and has a high reach.

But it is also because of its ability to tap into the listener's subconscious. Most drivers don't leave a radio station when an ad comes on, but rather tune out the ad in their minds. Even so, the messages enter their subconscious.

And that's an effective, albeit sneaky, way to increase brand recognition.  

4. Knowing Your Target and Needed Frequency Helps

So we know that creating radio ads is affordable. But how much does it cost to actually advertise on radio? That's going to depend on your target audience and how much you want or need to advertise.

If you have solid marketing in place, you should already have a good idea of the stations your target audience favors, as well as when they are listening.

From there, it is a question of frequency. Since people learn through repetition, the general rule of thumb for effective advertising on the radio is to run an ad at least 21 times per week. 

Given all of these factors, you can expect to spend anywhere between $200 to $5,000 per week.

5. Local Advertising on Radio Builds Trust 

This one is fairly straightforward.

Many people regard their local radio stations as part of the community. After all, radio personalities live right in the community and create connections through content designed especially for their "neighbors."

Radio hosts are local influencers and their commercials actual mean something. And when they advertise your product, it is viewed as a trusted endorsement among those in your community.

Radio Is Not Extinct

Advertising on radio continues to be a worthwhile investment for many businesses, so explore it as an option. Radio still provides real ROI and you can enjoy bargains never previously available.

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