5 Signs You Need An Employment Attorney

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When you experience a violation of your rights in the workplace, you may be confused between relying on HR and hiring an attorney from Sattiraju & Tharney law firm. Workplace harassment can put you in a difficult situation. You should not accept unfair treatment; however, filing a complaint may also result illegal retaliation from others at the company. 

Even though not all workplace conflicts require an attorney, some serious matters do. Employees usually take legal action when the company fails to take appropriate steps to correct the situation. Knowing some warning signs of needing an employment attorney can help you facilitate the legal process. 

5 Signs You Need An Employment Attorney 

1. You Experience Retaliation 

If you have recently complained about a workplace situation and your employer has started acting strange towards you, it may be retaliation. Some employers do not like receiving complaints from certain employees. Therefore, they try to project their dislike towards you by doing things like firing you or excluding you from important meetings. An attorney can help you prove that your employer’s behavior results from retaliation. 

2. Discrimination

It is an unfortunate reality that discrimination still exists today. Discrimination occurs when your employer, colleagues, or clients treat you differently because of your personal characteristics, such as your religion, color, race, nationality, etc. Even when your employer treats you differently due to a certain illness or disability, it is still discrimination and goes against the law. 

3. Wrongful Termination

Companies are allowed to fire you, but only on valid grounds. If you have been performing poorly at your job or violated a company policy, your employer is well within their rights to terminate you. However, if they cannot give you a valid reason, it could be a wrongful termination. Even if you work on at-will employment, your employer still cannot fire you for the personal characteristics that you were both with. 

4. Harassment

Your employer is responsible for ensuring that it is safe to work on their premises. If you experience harassment from your co-worker or client, your employer should act appropriately. If the harassment comes directly from your employer, the company and HR should correct the situation. If nobody at your workplace helps you, you can hire an attorney and hold them all accountable for not fulfilling their duties. 

5. Underpayment

If you do not receive your monthly payments on time or if you are getting paid lower than you deserve, you should consider hiring an employment attorney. Your attorney can review your contract’s payment/salary clause and help you prove that your employer is paying you less than they had promised. You work hard to fulfill the duties of your job, and you should get paid for it. 


The workplace can a stressful and unfair place, so don't let your legal rights be trampled. Hire an employment lawyer to ensure you don't get wrongfully treated and get what you deserve.

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