3 Steps To Take After A Wrongful Termination From Work

steps take after wrongful termination from work

Losing a job is never a good feeling. There are times when you are let go for reasons that make it feel even worse. When you are wrongfully terminated you don’t have to accept it as a part of life. There are things you can do to get your job back or get compensation if the reasons for your firing are not valid. 

Wrongful termination means being fired from your job in a way that is not allowed by law. This can happen for many reasons. For example, if you are fired because of your race, gender, or religion, that is illegal. In this article, we will go over the 3 steps to take when you feel you have been fired illegally. 

1. Immediate Steps As Soon As You Are Fired 

The first thing to do when you think you have been fired for the wrong reasons is to gather all the information and documents related to your firing. This includes your termination letter, any emails about your termination, and statements from people who might have seen or heard something important. Keep these documents safe as they could become key pieces of evidence. 

Another important step is to be careful about signing anything your employer gives you after you have been fired. Sometimes, employers might ask you to sign documents that could affect your rights, like a settlement or a release form. Make sure to take these documents to a lawyer such as HKM Employment Attorneys so you understand what you are signing. 

If you think you have been wrongfully terminated, it is very important to stay calm and professional. It can be hard to not get emotional and lash out, but it helps a lot as you deal with the situation. 

2. Evaluate Your Case 

Although you may feel that you have been wronged and it should be obvious to everybody, it may be that you don’t have much of a claim. Take some time to truly evaluate your case and decide if you should move forward. This means looking closely at why you were fired and checking if it goes against the law or your job contract. 

Were you fired for a reason that seems unfair, like your background, beliefs, or because you spoke up about something wrong at work? If yes, your termination might be unlawful. 

Make sure that you have some type of evidence that will help your case so it isn’t a case of your word against theirs. 

3. Protecting Your Future 

Getting a new job after a wrongful termination case can be tricky. You will need to explain to future interviewers why you no longer work there. Avoid speaking badly about your past employer, even if the situation was unfair. This shows you can handle difficult situations well. 

Next, focus on building a positive professional network. Connect with former colleagues, join professional groups, and attend industry events. Networking can help you find new job opportunities and get support from others who understand your field.

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