What Are Wrongful Termination Examples?

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One of the expectations that every employee has is that they will be treated fairly in every aspect of their job. From the amount that they are paid to the way that they are treated at work. If the time comes when employees are dismissed, then that should be fair as well. 

However, in many cases an employee is wrongfully terminated for reasons that have nothing to do with their performance. Of course, any employee who gets terminated will feel that it was done so wrongfully, but there are actual examples of wrongful termination that should be redressed when they occur. 

If an employee believes that they were wrongfully terminated, then they should contact an employment attorney to help them. The attorney will determine if the case is valid and take the steps needed to help the employee, which could be compensation or reinstatement of their job. If you live in Los Angeles and were wrongfully terminated, then you should visit this website to get the help you need. 

Examples Of Wrongful Termination 

If you were terminated for any of the following reasons, then your work termination can be considered to be wrongful. 

Sexual Harassment 

When someone gets fired for sexual harassment, it is usually because they refuse any quid pro quo arrangements where they exchange sexual favors for advancements at work. Needless to say, firing someone because they refused to engage in sexual conduct is considered to be wrongful termination. 

Racial Discrimination 

Anyone who was fired because of their race or ethnicity was wrongfully terminated. The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) enforces the federal law that prohibits discrimination or termination based on race or ethnicity, which means that any such termination is not just wrong, it is also illegal. 

Age Discrimination 

As with racial discrimination, age discrimination is also illegal, meaning that firing someone because of their age is illegal. Employers will sometimes contrive to terminate someone when they reach a certain age in order to hire someone who is younger, and often cheaper. Any such termination is wrongful and is subject to legal intervention. 

Other Forms of Discrimination 

Racial and age discrimination are among the most common, but there are others as well. Some people may get fired because of their religious beliefs while sometimes women may get terminated if they become pregnant. Some employees are even discriminated against due to height, weight, hair, tattoos, or other physical attributes. These kinds of discrimination are also illegal and anyone who was fired because of them has grounds for a wrongful termination claim. 


Sometimes a company will retaliate against an employee by firing them. Some reasons for retaliation may be if the employee files a complaint against the company, if they have a dispute with the company, or if they become a whistleblower against the company. Any form of retaliation against an employee is illegal, and that includes terminating said employee.

FMLA (Family And Medical Leave Act) Violations 

The FMLA act allows employees to leave work if they meet the eligibility requirements and their employers are covered. This includes maternity leave, sick leave, leaving to take care of someone who is ill, and other valid reasons. That means that it is wrongful for an employer to terminate an employee because they exercised their right to take leave for medical or family reasons. 

Contact An Employment Attorney If You Were Wrongfully Terminated 

If you were terminated because of any of these reasons, then your termination was wrongful and you have the right to take on your employer. You will need the help of an employment attorney to do so, which is why you should contact one as soon as possible following your termination. They can help you to get your job back or get you the compensation that you deserve.

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