Why You Need An Unfair Dismissal Solicitor

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Working as an employee in an organization, there are certain legal rights you have during your duration of employment. One of these rights has to do with your termination of employment. As long as you adhere to the policies, principles and instructions laid down by an organization, the employer has no right to terminate your employment unjustly by law. 

Whereby you get terminated from your job by your employer for no justified reason, then such an action would be deemed unfair. In such an event, you can file a claim against the employer. An unfair dismissal can be detrimental to an employee and the person may develop physical issues, psychological trauma, and financial problems over time. 

The occurrence of unfair dismissals is nothing new. According to reports, there were 12,038 unfair dismissal claims received by the Employment Tribunal from 2016 to 2017. So long as you are eligible, you are entitled to a genuine explanation from your employer on why you are being fired. Should there be no fair justification by the employer on your termination of employment, then it would be concluded that you have been unfairly dismissed. 

You can establish your right against unfair termination by applying to the Employment Tribunal immediately. An unfair dismissal lawyer can help you process your application. 

What You Should Know About The Employment Tribunal 

Employment tribunals are tribunal public bodies (a system of courts) that differ from the civil court system and possess statutory jurisdiction to listen to and settle disputes between employers and employees. The cases they deal with include but are not limited to wrongful dismissal, unfair dismissal, discrimination claims, and redundancy issues. 

All cases of dispute start from the Employment Tribunal. However, whereby the decisions made by the tribunal is unsatisfactory or unfavourable, an appeal can be forwarded on an Employment Appeal Tribunal level, then on to the Court of Appeal level, and finally, the Supreme Court level. Although this happens not all the time. 

How Necessary Is It To Make An Unfair Dismissal Claim 

It can be an utter nightmare to be unfairly dismissed from a job with no available backup. The feeling of having nowhere to go from there can be nerve-wracking as the individual is left physically, emotionally, and financially stranded. This is the nightmare of most employees, especially if the job is all that you have. 

Thoughts such as how you are going to foot the bills, take care of your family, maintain your mortgage or auto loan payments, survive without an income, and many more would flood your mind, creating an overwhelming and heart-wrenching feeling. 

However, by filing a claim with the help of an unfair dismissal solicitor, you could get compensated for the loss of your job, reinstated in your last position, receive compensation for other losses you incurred during the termination period or get re-employed in a job that is similar to the one you lost at your previous company. 

For you to claim for unfair dismissal, you have to be eligible. There are steps to determine your eligibility: 

• You must be an employee at that organization; not an independent contractor or worker). 
• Your employment duration spent at the firm must be continuous and over two years. 
• You must be dismissed. 

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