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tom steyer quotes

Tom Steyer is a successful businessman, hedge fund manager, philanthropist, environmentalist, and politician. Over Tom Steyer's career he has accumulated a net worth of around $1.5 billion. Currently Tom Steyer running as a Democratic candidate for president against other rivals like Mike Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders to take on Republican presidential incumbent Donald J. Trump. While you may or may not agree with his politics, Tom Steyer is a source of inspiration and motivation for business professionals and philanthropists around the world and a source of inspirational quotes. Here are some top Tom Steyer quotes to motivate and inspire:

12 Top Tom Steyer Quotes

1.  "We can't double down on failed energy policies of the past."

2.  "Renewable energy is a clear winner when it comes to boosting the economy and creating jobs."

3.  "We will pay a heavy price if we insist on navigating the 21st century with a 20th century mindset."

4.  "No one can be immune from our laws; everyone must be held to account."

5.  "Breaking of norms and disregard for decency have huge, long term costs."

6.  "I'm a 30-year businessperson. I believe in American business. I believe in American ingenuity, and I believe in American innovation."

7.  "We try to separate the world into the stuff we can control and the stuff we can't."

8.  "The fact of the matter is, people care about their own human interests: the people they love, their families, and their communities."

9.  "My parents raised me to pull up my socks when times get tough."

10.  "I was in business for 30 years, and my experience is that the best way to operate is to work fairly and closely with partners over a long period of time."

11.  "The most expensive way to do business is to do it deal by deal, each of which is highly contentious."

12.  "The tech-driven economy leads to a two-tier job market where workers are either critical or 'commodity.' This divisive 'winner-take-all' mentality hurts most Americans and worsens economic inequality."

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