Claiming Liability For Inadequate Security At Premises: What To Do?

premises security cameras video record evidence claiming liability

Premises security is one of the prime responsibilities of any business. Negligence of security can implicate a business owner when a person faces injury or criminal activity because of insufficient security measures at their premises. What’s more, they may even need to compensate the victim who gets hurt in such a situation. If you are a victim in such a case, you have the right to file a claim. But it is important to know the law well enough before you go ahead with filing the case against the business owner. Here are some key facts that you need to be aware about. 

Fact #1: Premises Security Is Essential 

First things first, maintaining premises security is a necessity rather than a choice for business owners. Security measures include several aspects such as lighting, cameras, security personnel, and even electric fences. The objective of having these measures in place is to avoid injuries, attacks, and crimes due to security lapses. If a company shows negligence in deploying the requisite security measures on its premises, it can face penalties through a lawsuit filed by an injured party. 

Fact #2: Inadequate Security Can Lead To Different Types Of Injury 

The injuries that victims may sustain due to inadequate premises security are of different types. For example, you could get injured due to holes or debris in the ground and running into objects due to improper lighting. Similarly, the cameras may not be properly placed to capture the injuries caused during criminal activities. Further, you may suffer injuries due to crime or other hazards when there are no security guards on the premises. 

Fact #3: You Need To Prove Negligence 

When you get injured due to insufficient security at a business premises, you need to prove the owner’s negligence to seek compensation under the law. Primarily, you need to show that the owner failed to give adequate warnings to the visitors so that they could avoid injury at their premises. An owner may also be held liable for not exercising reasonable care to discover the possible criminal activities. Since this may be hard to prove, you need to hire experts to represent your case. The professionals at Hankey Law Office have the right skills and experience to help you with negligent security cases. They can build a strong case with tangible proofs to ensure that you get the rightful claim. 

Fact #4: You Should Follow Some Steps For Filing A Negligent Security Claim 

There are certain steps that you need to follow for filing a negligent security claim against the premises owner. These steps are quite similar to those in accident claims. First, you should seek medical attention for your injuries and report the incident to the police. Gather detailed information about the witnesses so that you may contact them in the future. Take pictures of the accident scene as they can serve as helpful evidence later. Also, contact a seasoned lawyer with good experience and a successful track record with similar cases.  

Secure The Premises Professionally

Now that you know all about the claims involving inadequate premises security, you can take the right approach towards filing them. Remember that you deserve to be compensated for an accident caused due to the negligence of the premises owner and should surely claim it.

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