How to Hire a Great Criminal Defense Attorney

how to hire criminal defense attorney defender lawyer

It's not second nature to keep the name of an attorney tucked away in your wallet. But incidents happen on a whim that are sometimes out of your control.

When they do, you need to know how to lock down a good criminal defense attorney.

Having an attorney on retainer saves you time. You have an expert readily available to defend your cause. This professional can offer you emotional and moral support.

And, seeing that they're knowledgeable of the system, you won't have to worry about a strategy.

If you get convicted of a crime, you need to find representation who will fight for you. Discover here how to hire a criminal defense attorney.

Determine If You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

According to the laws of every state, a crime is a crime. If you commit one and find yourself facing a charge, you need a legal rep. 

Most attorneys offer pro-bono consultations. That means you can sit down with a criminal defense lawyer and get an understanding of your situation. They'll explain your charges to you and how to face them. 

The consulting attorney should tell you if they can take your case and any costs associated. If not, they'll give you a referral to another legal expert. At any rate, you'll leave with knowledge of what you're up against.

Do a Background Check

Performing a background check on an attorney may seem odd, but not everyone is reputable. 

Research them before you sign on the dotted line.

The internet is the fastest way to find help these days. Most attorneys have websites. On these sites, previous customers may leave ratings on their experience. 

If not, look the firm or attorney up online at the Better Business Bureau. Check Yelp reviews as well as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If an attorney has a bad rep, there might be a hashtag floating around the internet about them.

Word of mouth is another source. Talk to people in your community. Find out if they worked with the lawyer and what their experience was.

Don't Rule out a Public Defender

It costs to hire an attorney. Lawyers charge by the hour. And depending on your charge, you might need extensive help. 

If you're not an affluent person, you might end up taking out a loan. Worst-case scenario is taking out a second mortgage on your home. Don't put yourself in that situation if there's no need to.

Look into a public defender. The U.S. Constitution grants every citizen the right to fair representation. That means good defense counsel to help you fight criminal charges. 

A public defender is a licensed attorney paid by the government to fight for you. If you find that you can't manage to hire a private attorney, consider this option. There's no out-of-pocket and most times you get the same expertise. 

Hire an Attorney

Having a criminal defense attorney on speed dial is as important as a primary care physician. That's why you should carefully choose an Austin criminal lawyer that is a perfect fit for you.

They're there to help you and run to your defense when you find yourself in an impossible situation.

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