What To Expect During A Family Law Digital Marketing Campaign

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When you hear the term digital marketing, you should know that typically means SEO. SEO, also called search engine optimization, involves getting your business website to rank at the top of the SERPs when someone looks for specific keywords and phrases. 

If you want to get more business for your family law firm, you need to use this technique. Other lawyers will use it to their best advantage, and you can’t fall behind them, or you will lose out on many potential clients. 

We will talk about elements you’ll see during a typical family law digital marketing campaign. 

A Complete Website Diagnostic 

If you’re getting your divorce lawyer service or family law firm off the ground, you might not have a website yet. For this article’s sake, though, let’s say you already have a working website. You want an SEO agency to improve it for you to get more engagement and conversions. 

Any SEO agency will probably start the campaign by looking at your existing site. They will want to see what is working there and what needs improvement. 

They will look for any obvious missteps or mistakes in law firm SEO. Those might include misspelled words, broken links, no images, too many images, missing elements, etc. You can mess up a business website in many different ways, and a hard look at your site needs to kick off this process. 

The SEO agency will look at how the site performs organically. UX, or user experience, is another way to describe this. You want anyone visiting the site to navigate it easily, or they can experience frustration and leave. 

A top SEO firm will want to see where the site lands when they use some location-specific keyword phrases. That will determine whether you’re beating any local competitors yet. They’ll also look at whether your site will get many conversions or whether you’ll need to rebuild it from the ground up because it’s not likely to get the results you want. 

Competitor Analysis 

Competitor analysis will probably come next. During this phase, the SEO agency will look at your closest competing websites. The agency will try to determine, based on other sites in your niche, what other law firms do to claim their part of the market share. 

They will want to try and determine whether focusing on the brand works better or whether these sites emphasize topical content that’s family law related. The key is not copying other sites but noting elements that work for them and featuring them in better and more compelling ways. 

Keyword And Content Research 

Next should come keyword and content research. An SEO agency will try to understand what problem your average client needs you to solve. If you present keyword-rich content that answers their questions and addresses their concerns, they’ll likely trust you and want to contact you. 

The SEO agency will look at what questions people ask in your market that you’ll need to address on your site. They’ll need to figure out what information people regularly seek. You’ll need to feature that information prominently. 

Maybe you will have it on the landing page above the fold. You might have it on the FAQ page. Perhaps you’ll add a law firm blog where you’ll talk about some of the concerns people looking for family law in your area seem to have. 

Visuals And Infographics 

Next, the SEO agency might look at your site with visual elements in mind. You need excellent copy that people want to read when visiting your site. Without visual elements, though, your site may not entice them to reach out to you. 

You can add pictures that show your lawyers helping clients. You might also feature videos that act like mini commercials for your firm. 

You need to shoot these videos and pictures yourself instead of using stock images. Stock images often fail to capture the imagination because they’re not compelling. You may elect to hire a professional photographer to handle this for you. 

You might also feature any infographics that address a potential client's concern or answer a question they have. It’s no good to have lengthy text blocks and no pictures or other visual elements to break them up. Google will also respond well to the visuals you add by sending your site up to the top of the SERPs. 

Built-To-Convert Site Development 

When an SEO agency has spent some time working on the elements we’ve mentioned, they will take another look at your site to see if it is now in a built-to-convert format. Remember that you don’t just want people to visit your site. You need them to take a particular action once they get there. 

That is when built-to-convert sites do better than ones without a specific customer journey in mind. Your family law firm should tell a story. It starts when someone arrives at the site looking to hire a family lawyer. 

They must navigate the site and get to the spot where they’re meant to contact and hire you. If they don’t do that, all the site building doesn’t count for anything. This is the moment you’ve anticipated, and it’s where SEO agencies find out whether they’ve mounted a successful optimization campaign. 

The right SEO agency is one that will deliver fast load times and page speed, so your potential client can access your site from a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. They will check to see if you have incorporated crucial firm information that your client needs, such as a phone number, email address to reach out to you, etc. 

They will include CTAs on the site, also called calls to action. Your user will have ample opportunity to contact you on every page they visit. 

The site will also feature easy navigation. If someone tries to find something via your site’s search engine or the dropdown menus, they can do that. When the SEO agency finishes, your site will attract the eye, but it will also convince anyone visiting to contact you and complete the conversion process.

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