4 Restaurant Promotional Ideas For Branding Better

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The restaurant business is a cut-throat one and has only gotten more competitive with the events of the last two years. What separates a successful restaurant from a failed eatery? Branding is a big factor, and that involves a lot of promotional products and merchandise. 

Here are some of the 4 top options to help promote your restaurant business to help it survive and thrive as a restaurateur.


Custom t-shirts and apparel make fun personalized gifts, but they aren't merely a novelty item. For a small business, they can be used as a cost effective and powerful branding tool. Many custom t-shirt companies have expanded the line of merchandise available for personalization and custom design. Not only do they offer various types of shirts for men, women and children, they also offer bags, hats, buttons and many more items that weren't previously available. 

Savvy food service business owners can use this to promote their brand and get a competitive edge in their market. Here are three specific ways in which custom apparel can help small businesses make a big impact. 


At some point in time, most restaurant and food service businesses make a public appearance. Whether you get involved in charity work or enroll in a weekend seminar, having company t-shirts printed shows that you function as a professional team, and shows others that you take pride in your restaurateur business. 


If you have a brick and mortar food service location, it is important that your employees stand out. Having a dress code is okay, but having a uniform is better. Imagine you are in Starbucks grabbing a morning coffee. No matter what location you frequent, the baristas always wear green aprons screen printed with the company logo. It creates a cohesive experience that goes hand-in-hand with their brand. So if you are a small coffee shop, why not design aprons or shirts that represent your brand. It might not seem like a big change, but it will make your customer's experience more memorable. Even if you don't have a location, your company can still benefit from custom t-shirts or apparel. 

For example, if you offer a delivery service, you can have your employees wear custom hats or carry messenger bags emblazoned with your logo. Not only will they look great, but it also creates buyer confidence. If you saw a man in a brown t-shirt and brown shorts carrying a package to your front door, you would immediately assume it was a UPS delivery. Your company can have the same immediate recognition with the right custom apparel and accessories. 


Everybody at restaurants enjoys getting something for free. As a business owner, you can take advantage of this by giving away customized merchandise to promote your business. If you own a restaurant, you could give away t-shirts or buttons to patrons who come on their birthday. If you own a pet-friendly cafĂ©, you could customize bandannas to give out to dog and cat owners. 

There are so many possibilities for business promotion with custom t-shirts and apparel. Using online custom t-shirt design sites has never been easier, and many offer quick turn around for those last minute restaurateur projects. 


From employee apparel to promotional giveaways, using these services is a surefire way to create a lasting impact on customers and keep them coming back to your restaurant business. It is time to rejuvenate your restaurant and fill up your food service business!

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