Is Kiosk Advertising Effective? Everything You Need To Know

is kiosk advertising effective

Looking into kiosk advertising? How effective could that actually be for your business marketing? You may be surprised when it comes to kiosks and ads when used correctly. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about kiosk advertising and marketing with kiosks correctly.

Kiosk Advertising: What Is It? 

Have you ever used the standing digital map in a mall to figure out where you want to go? If so, you have used a kiosk and probably saw kiosk advertising while you were there. Kiosk advertising uses informational kiosks in highly trafficked areas like malls and airports to reach the general public. 

The fact that these digital screens give out pertinent information means they tend to attract hundreds of people each and every day, solidifying your ability to reach people. 

What Kiosk Advertising Locations are Available? 

While typical out-of-home (OOH) advertisements are large-scale billboards or digital signs, kiosks are small and typically digitally interactive. There are plenty of different types of kiosks available to you. So, whether you are looking to target a specific demographic or stay under a certain budget, you are likely to find the perfect option for you. 

Here are just a few notable kiosk locations for advantageous advertisements. 

• Indoor Shopping Malls 

Larger indoor shopping malls are great locations for your kiosk ads. Due to their large nature, people, more often than not, need to look at kiosks to figure out where they are going. This is the perfect option to ensure that your ad is seen by hundreds of people every week. 

• Sports Arenas 

If your brand is hoping to target the demographic that would most likely attend sporting events, sports arenas are the place for you. Unlike a shopping mall, placing an ad at a kiosk here would allow you to create a more targeted ad. Ultimately helping you connect with a specific demographic in a much stronger way. 

• Busy Streets 

In large cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, there are backlit kiosks placed strategically on busy streets and intersections. Take Times Square, for example. Thousands of people from all over the world walk around it every single day. So, if you are seeking to reach as large of a demographic as possible, this may be the kiosk location for you. 

• Airports 

Air travelers and those who frequently fly for work are typically highly susceptible to kiosk advertising. Being in an airport means you will be spending a lot of time walking and waiting. This means you will spend a lot of time also looking around. So, placing a kiosk ad in an airport is a great way to reach thousands of people every day. The same goes for train, subway, and bus stations.

• Outdoor Shopping Malls 

If you are looking to target a smaller group of people in a more specific way. You can place kiosks ads in and around outdoor shopping malls. These malls tend to be smaller, so the ads cost less. Plus, you can use a kiosk near certain stores that attract your targeted demographic, making it so that the right people are more likely to come across your ad. This is a great way to get the best bang for your advertisement budget buck. 

What Are The Advantages Of Kiosk Advertisements? 

Being that kiosks are most often located in shopping malls or larger commercial areas means that the people who will see them will already be ready to make purchases and try new things. This is a huge advantage for you. 

People who are already in an area with the intention of making purchases are much more susceptible to advertising influence than those who are not. If you create a specified ad campaign and use this knowledge to your advantage, you could truly get a lot out of it. 

Getting The Most Out Of Kiosk Advertising 

Kiosk advertising can be very effective for the cost, that is, if you do your work to get the most out of it. It is highly important that you and your marketing team do the critical research to ensure that you make the best ad for the best location. If it is in a shopping mall, make sure it is near related stores. If it is in a large commercial area, make sure that it targets those kinds of people. If you are paying the money to advertise, be sure you make it count! 

How Much Does It Cost? 

Speaking of money. Kiosk ads have a wide range of costs. It depends on plenty of factors, but the big one is the amount of traffic that comes through an area on any given day. For example, kiosks in larger, busy malls in big cities will cost more than those in smaller malls in smaller towns. That being said. Kiosks typically range from $100-$200 to $1000-$5000 for a month-long ad campaign. 

Top Takeaways On Kiosk Advertising Advantages

Kiosk ads are a great and simple way to ensure that you get your brand in front of the people who will care about it. If you do the research and place the right ads in the right place at the right time, you will be sure to get the best bang for your buck with your kiosks marketing.

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