How To Run A Successful Mall Kiosk

how to run successful mall kiosk business

Brick-and-mortar stores tend to be very expensive for new companies. Renting an office in a zone with lots of foot traffic can be a financial burden. You also need to have a large enough assortment to fill up the shelves so that the store doesn't look empty. This can pose a problem for new organizations that have just a few items. 

As a way of circumventing the inherent risks of brick-and-mortar enterprise, many startups opt for mall kiosks. Renting a small space in a mall is always cheaper, and it allows you to test the market before investing a larger sum of money. 

But, even if you're renting a kiosk for testing purposes, you want it to be successful. In the end, you will utilize these lessons for the brick-and-mortar store once you open it. So, here are some tips that will help you run a successful mall kiosk. 

1. Gift Buyers With Free Branded Extras 

The principle of branded extras is pretty simple. When a person buys a product, they will get free branded items making them more satisfied with the purchase. 

Companies that utilize this strategy often claim that the quantity of brand items is limited or that it's a limited-time offer. By doing so, they stimulate urgency. Although not everyone is interested in these freebies, they can make a difference for some buyers. 

Branded extras are ideal for small mall kiosks as your main goal is to increase awareness, not necessarily generate revenues. You can use items such as personalized promotional pens and pencils, t-shirts, stickers, and mugs. 

2. Have A Great Staff 

Having savvy salespeople is important for any store and crucial for mall kiosks. As mentioned, one of the main reasons to have one is to test the market. By asking the right questions, your employees can check how people feel about the products. 

At the same time, they can serve as brand ambassadors, increasing awareness. You can argue that having a great staff is even more important during these initial days. Keep in mind that you should still make money. In the worst-case scenario, a mall kiosk should cover the expenses and earn something on the top. This is a sign that your products and company have a future. Eventually, you should transfer business to a larger office space. 

3. Find Your Ideal Customer 

Make sure to find your ideal buyer before starting a mall kiosk. Although your staff will likely engage with most passersby, they need to focus on individuals who are more likely to purchase from you. 

Identifying the right buyer can be simple for certain items but can be very hard for others. In some cases, you might want to consider performing tests that would reveal ideal demographics. When your staff sees an ideal client, they should explain what the product is all about and even offer branded extras in advance (if you have them, that is). 

Finding the right people is crucial as it will allow your team to focus on the right individuals and avoid wasting time and energy on the wrong ones. This is especially crucial when there is a lot of foot traffic in the mall, and you don't have time to engage everyone. 

4. Choose The Right Spot 

Like with any other type of store, location is paramount for business success. Depending on a mall layout, kiosks might be placed in central parts or close to entrances. Getting the specific spot can cost you extra, but it might be worth it. 

The general rule is to position yourself close to popular stores and cafes within the malls. Coffee shops are especially great as this is where people sit and relax after shopping and are more likely to pay attention to your stall. Alternatively, you can place your kiosk close to a store that sells similar goods as yours. 

5. Attract Attention With A Display 

Perhaps the biggest issue with mall kiosks is that people tend to ignore them as they’re searching for bigger, established stores. As a result, you need to do something that will attract attention. 

Having a great kiosk design will showcase your brand in the best possible light. One thing that can help you with that is a display. With it, you can quickly tell people what you’re all about. When choosing a display, make sure to go with the right color scheme. Neon lighting is always much better, as it will quickly catch attention. It is wise to invest some money into finding the right design, as it just might help your branding efforts in malls.

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