Social Media Tips For Personal Injury Victims

social media tips personal injury victims during legal case posting

Social media has become an excellent communication tool that brings people together even when they are miles apart. It allows people to share moments of joy, pain, loss, and practically every moment of our lives. 

However, what you post on social media can be used against you in court and may affect the case's outcome. That is why you must always ensure that your experienced team of West Palm Beach personal injury attorneys has okayed anything you want to post on social media while your case is ongoing. 

Here are social media tips to follow when pursuing a personal injury claim. 

Avoid Discussing Your Case Online 

In a lawsuit, the first social media rule is to ensure that you have put the most stringent privacy settings possible to keep intruders out. However, it is always advisable to refrain from posting anything relating to your accident or injury on social media despite your privacy settings level. While you may think it okay, the opposing side may find something you mention in your post and use it to hurt your claim. 

Archive The Content Currently In Your Accounts 

If, after posting something, you realize that you should not have, it would be better not to delete it. After the accident, deleting existing content may be viewed as the destruction of evidence, which could create more problems for you. 

If you find yourself in such a scenario, you should not feel upset. Instead, disclose the information to your team of experienced West Palm Beach personal injury attorneys to establish the best thing to do. 

Do Not Post About Physical Activities You Engage In When Your Case Is Ongoing 

When you have an ongoing personal injury lawsuit, avoid posting pictures of yourself engaging in physical activities. These include hiking, sports, and other strenuous activities. Even if you are still dealing with chronic pains while engaging in fun activities, the opposing side could use the pictures as evidence that your life has not been affected as you claim. 

Carefully Vet New Friends 

It is usually considered unethical for an attorney to send a friend request to a represented party on social media. However, insurance companies or their attorney could still use someone else to access your social media. And for that reason, it would be best to put on hold all friend and follower requests while the case is ongoing. If you must accept requests, be sure to fully establish the identity of the individual or their motive. 

Monitor Tagged Posts 

Being careful about what you post goes beyond you to include friends and family. If your friends tag you in posts or photos that show you engaging in some physical activity, it will reflect in your timeline and may harm your case. Therefore, ensure that you discuss social media guidelines with your close friends and family you take pictures with and remove all tags to posts that could negatively affect your case. 

Stop Active Use Of Social Media Altogether 

While pursuing your injury claim, staying away from social media platforms for the time your lawsuit runs can be a good idea. This way, you will eliminate any possibility of making mistakes that could harm your case. 

Contact Reliable West Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorneys Today 

Some personal injury claims can be complicated, and it is best to approach them with a lawyer's assistance. 

At Fetterman & Associates, P.A., we have a team of the most skilled West Palm Beach personal injury attorneys that will work dedicatedly to ensure that you recover the fairest compensation for your claim. We have been fighting for personal injury victims' rights for the last 40 years and have a record of success to back it up.

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