3 Best Technology Themed Slots In Canada

best technology themed slots in canada

Online gambling has slowly crawled up to become one of the most popular trends in the world. Analysis from Google searches has confirmed to the world that "online casino" received an all-time high search in the last year as people were exploring the World Wide Web in hopes of stumbling on something interesting that could relieve them of boredom or keep them excited in their free time. 

Online slots are, next to live blackjack games, the most popular type of casino games being played across the world, especially in Canada where slot machines can be found in charity events back in the days. Online slots played a huge role in the recent rise in the popularity of online casinos. 

Previously, slot machines could only be found in brick-and-mortar casino establishments, but the evolution of technology changed slots over the years. 

Themed slots, which are the most popular type of slots available on the internet, are usually based on a certain topic in hopes of attracting players who are interested in that same topic. You can find different genres of slots as themed slots have now become the most popular type of slot games. There are music-themed, movie-themed, food-themed, sports-themed, tech-themed slots, and many more. Themed slots are not only known for their impressive storyline and genres of the games but also their top-notch graphics and impressive sound effects which gives the players a familiarity when they play these online slots. 

In this article, we will be listing out few technology-themed slots popular among gamblers in Canada. The online slots on this list can be considered as both movie-themed and technology-themed as they possess both qualities. 

The Matrix By Playtech 

First on the list is The Matrix Slot which was based on a widely accepted sci-fi movie, of the same name, that was released back in two decades ago, which featured several innovative technologies and effects. Appreciating the movie, Playtech chose to bring it into the online casino world by developing The Matrix Slot which included the main characters of the movie to properly integrate the players into the world of Matrix, giving them some sort of familiarity with the game. 

The Matrix slot is one of the most popular tech-themed video slots known in online casinos in Canada according to Casinoscout. It is a 5 reels, 50 paylines video slot featuring several Matrix characters as the symbols. Hitting three scatter symbols in this game will see the players activate two free spins round to increase their chances of winning. 

Space Blast Slot By Octavian 

Space Blast slot is one of the most popular video slot known across the world, featuring animated aliens, space babes, retro-styled rockets, and a ray-gun toting hero which are just some of the symbols in the video slot. Space Blast is 5 reels, 10 paylines slot that comes with several bonus features that could potentially increase players’ winnings. 

Developed and designed by Octavian, it features some of the best visual and sound effects which perfectly adapts to the animated form of space wars. It also features a Cascading Reel system which could help players to consecutive winnings leading to several winnings in one bet. This is where its popularity came from. 

Robot Butler By Microgaming 

Robot Butler sets the standards for a futuristic theme with its incredible animations and symbols. It is a 5 reel, 20 pay lines video slot centered on Robbie the Robot Butler which is also the wild symbol of this game. 

The scatter symbol comes in form of a Tray, while other symbols include the house the butler serves, batteries, phone, weird-looking phones, a car and drinks in a lightning design. Its futuristic design and theme made it popular among gamblers in Canada.

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