How Traffic Tickets Will Change in 2020

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Article By Harish Chandra

Another year is over, and a new one is just begun, and with it come a host of new laws for Californians to become acquainted with. A number of these changes affect drivers, from rules of the road to new identification documents. To avoid running into trouble with the traffic police, it's smart to know about all of the changes so you can drive the highways of the state with confidence. Always remember that even if you have received a traffic citation, a number of factors may prove your innocence or reduce the severity of your infraction. The changes to laws in the new year do not change the fact that fight traffic ticket Los Angeles is still the best strategy. 

A Rundown Of Important Changes 

One of the most visible changes for drivers is the October 1, 2020 deadline for the Real ID. This will not affect everyone, but only those who wish to board a domestic flight and who do not have a passport. After the October deadline, passengers boarding a domestic flight will need to have a REAL ID. This is a nationwide program, but California residents must apply at the DMV and bring proof of identity, proof of Social Security and two proofs of California residency. 

When it comes to rules of the road, several changes will go into affect in 2020. Primary changes include the following: 

• Clean air decals for low-income residents may now be re-issued in certain conditions 

• The elimination of driver license repeals for non-driving offenses such as prostitution and vandalism 

• The relaxation of requirements for those driving motor scooters to have an additional license 

• The requirement when passing waste service vehicles to move to an adjacent lane 

The requirement for passing waste service vehicles includes the language "pass at a safe distance" and "with due regard for safety and traffic conditions." A citation issued for such an offense should always be looked into by a traffic ticket attorney

Additional Changes 

An extension has been granted to the pilot program evaluating the use of alternative licenses and registration cards. The program has been extended for another year. For members of the U.S. Foreign Service and spouses, the validity of driver licenses have been extended for the period of their service and for up to 30 days following the return to California. One additional change to Clean Air Decals is the issuance of the color orange. These orange decals allow access to High Occupancy Lanes until 2024 and will be issued by the DMV. 

Many of the changes provide benefits to California drivers and relax regulations. In the case of passing waste service vehicles, drivers should be aware of the new law and seek compliance. As with all traffic citations, though, proper procedures may not have been followed and law enforcement can make errors of judgement. Always consult a lawyer for speeding ticket to make sure your rights are upheld. Traffic tickets are serious business and can result in high fines and the raising of insurance rates. Stand up for your rights and eliminate fines with representation.

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