3 Emerging Technologies That Can Improve Warehouse Efficiency & Safety

emerging warehouse technologies increase efficiency

Warehouse efficiency and safety assume a special significance, given the operations becoming too vast and complex. Warehouse management is an integral part of the broader supply chain management. 

Ensuring efficiency and safety in such a large and complex work environment is possible only through the deployment of proper and cutting-edge technologies. So what emerging technologies can help warehouses to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency and safety standards across the board? 

JD Edwards Managed Services 

The first and foremost thing that warehouses can implement to enhance efficiency is JD Edwards Managed Services. In particular, JD Edwards Cloud, which is a cloud-based supply chain management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, offers software and applications for a wide array of functions such as HR, finance, distribution, among others. 

It caters to large, midsize and small, businesses. JD Edwards software supports over 6,000 large companies in their business-critical functions. JD Edwards Managed Services can offer cutting- edge solutions for warehouses that can drastically enhance their efficiency and safety. 

What is essential is to have Warehouse Management Services that integrate technology solutions that promise to improve the efficacy and safety standards of the warehouse. 

The three emerging technologies that can bring about a sea change in the way a warehouse is being managed can be the use of mobile and wearable technologies, the use of bar code scanner, and dimensioning Systems. 

1. Wearable Technologies

In a warehouse, an average staff has to work away from his workstation often, and that can be a big distraction as well as an impediment in carrying out one’s duties with speed and efficiency. Using mobile and wearable technologies can help him continue working with energy as he moves around. Mobile computers and printers, smartwatches and smartglasses, as well as ring barcode scanners, etc. can enhance the efficiency of warehouse workers significantly. These technologies are already in use or under implementation in many leading warehousing companies around the world. To keep one’s warehouse business, these technological advancements need to be integrated into the day to day work. 

2. Use Of Bar Code Scanner

The purpose of barcode scanners in a warehouse where millions of shipments are being processed for early delivery, locating the right purchase could be impossible in the absence of barcode scanners. So, they should be available in adequate quantities at warehouses. Instead, more advanced versions of barcodes that are easy to carry around and work with should be made available to the warehouse workers. This will significantly reduce the time they spend on processing the shipments. Small and medium-sized warehouses seem to be doing a lot of such processing work without the assistance of suitable gadgets like barcode scanners, which must change to improve efficiency and safety standards in warehousing operations. 

3. Dimensioning Systems

Measuring pallets and boxes is another essential function that an average warehouse worker performs. In any warehouse, such taking such measurements manually may take a long time. There are technological solutions available to make such operations fast and less painful. Warehouses must deploy adequate technologies to automate such tasks without which they cannot achieve a satisfactory level of efficiency and safety in their operations. Warehousing operations are increasingly becoming more significant and more complex. It is only by adopting the right technologies that warehouses can expect to improve the productivity and performance across their operations. 

Final Thoughts On New Warehouse Technology

The supply chain management is a vast industry that oversees the physical movement of goods internationally and across the length and breadth of a country. Running such extensive operations with efficiency and safety is not the job of a few managers. 

The solution has to be found in technologies that can implement the solution across the board and make it an integral part of the standard process. 

The answer needs to be embedded in the system. Technology alone has the power to put in place a system that works in a uniform manner without failure. By implementing the above mentioned technological solutions such as the use of wearable and mobile technologies, barcode scanners, and dimensioning systems that warehouses can expect to bring efficiency in their work. 

Besides these technological solutions, warehouses must make use of JD Edwards Managed Services that offer a suite of software for all associated functions for the warehouses and the broader supply chain industry. 

Without the support of JD Edwards Managed Services, one can’t imagine large warehouses and other entities in the supply management chain to work with efficiency.

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