6 Best Countries For Immigrants

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One of the greatest benefits of globalization which we have seen has been the great increase in the numbers of immigrants around the world. Each year millions of people migrate to other nations as they seek to take advantage of high class education and a wealth of job opportunities. Some look to travel abroad in search of a better life, whilst others seek to work hard for money to send back to their families, which is clear when we look at international money transfer statistics. 

According to the Spar & Bernstein Immigration Attorney professionals, immigration brings a great amount of positives to both the individuals and their countries of choice, and here are some of the world’s friendliest countries when it comes to receiving foreign nationals. 

6 Top Nations For Immigrants To Move To

1. Canada 

Canada is undoubtedly one of the world’s best countries for immigration. Each year tens of thousands of International students apply for Canada’s universities, and thousands more look to come here to take advantage of high quality job prospects. Obtaining visas and work permits is easier here than in most nations, and the people here generally welcome migrants with open arms, and embrace the diversity which this brings to their culture. 

2. Singapore 

This prospering economy does a great deal to encourage immigration to the country, which we can see from the express visa and work permit options on offer. Singapore is very much committed to increasing diversity, providing a wealth of opportunity and becoming a leader when it comes to immigration. 

3. Australia 

The Aussies have long been a world leader when it comes to immigration and things are still very much the same. Here workers are offered a range of visas from short-stay, skills-based and visitor visas, through a smart and swift process. Aussies also welcome the diversity which immigrants bring and much of their economy and industry is supported by migrant workers. 

4. Argentina 

In Latin America it is Argentina which is leading the way in terms of encouraging immigration. Immigrants are supported in finding residence and jobs when they arrive in the country, and it is one of the easiest countries in the continent for obtaining a short-stay or working visa. There is a minimum monthly income mark which is required here however, which can put some migrants off traveling here. This country has a rich South American and European heritage, which is why they are so friendly towards further migration. 

5. Germany 

With its proficient automotive industry and rich manufacturing sector, Germany is a great option for those who are looking to migrate. Immigration policies here focus on ease and speed, and there are a wide array of visa options for migrants. The Germans are notoriously welcoming and they are more than keen on helping new arrivals settle into their new life. 

6. United Arab Emirates 

The UAE has a very high standard of living now, it is tax-free, and there are an enormous amount of job prospects here. The country is committed to a huge range of infrastructure projects and relies heavily on migrant workers for their completion. As such the visa process is pain-free and the government here have actively worked on making the nation a friendly place for international students and migrant workers. 

Immigration Information

These are some of the most immigration friendly countries around the world. If you are considering immigrating to another country, do a further analysis on which is the best nation to move to. Information and immersion are essential as you choose your destination options!

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