Immigration - A Solution To The Skill Gap Crisis

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A skill gap is a term used to explain the difference in skills required for a job and the actual skills employee at that job has. This is a topical question nowadays, especially in the competitive market that always seems to demand more from employers. So, they try to find the best possible people to do the jobs and when the national employee pool fails, they turn to international sources. 

Why The Skill Gap Occurs? 

Skill gaps vary from country to country. Some economically advanced countries simply progress fast and simply the demand overwhelms the available workforce. This is also something that often happens after the country is recuperating from the financial crisis. 

On the other hand, some countries lose their population due to bad living conditions and the inability to offer a better working environment. For example, there has been a great migration of population from Eastern Europe to more advanced countries in the last decade of the 20th century. Because of this, today those regions lack certain skilled employees like IT professionals and anesthesiologists. 

Every country has a skills gap, some smaller than others and less noticeable, which is actually not a good thing. If a skill gap is located early, it can be remedied without negatively impacting the economy, and help it thrive. 

Additionally, some developing country may just have started with certain industries and need skilled employees to work in the field. Since education for certain professions can take years, employers don't have time to wait and look for the workforce abroad. In time, foreign employees will train the domestic workforce and at the same time, the country will experience educational as well as economic progress. 

Why Some People Believe That Immigration Is Not A Solution For Skill Gaps 

There have been many cases when employers are not willing to pay the demanded or appropriate salaries to the domestic employees. And when that happens, they look abroad for people willing to work for less than they should be paid. This creates a false skill gap that is usually interpreted as “foreigners stealing domestic jobs.” 

Although consciously accepting to work for less than the domestic employee is paid, foreigners accept the jobs due to the unfavorable economic situation in their country. After all, skilled foreigners will rather accept better pays outside their country and work hard for promotion and raise, than stay to struggle. While skilled domestic workforce won’t accept to work for less than others of their educational background earn with certain employers. 

Therefore, it is this discrepancy in salaries among different employers that sometimes creates the skill gap and not immigration itself. 

Looking For Employees Outside The Country 

It's a common practice to search for a certain type of employees in the international job market. But applying for a visa and dealing with bureaucracy is what sometimes prevents an employer find a qualified working force. Hiring and consulting with the best immigration lawyers will not only resolve this issue but also offer much more. 

Immigration lawyers can advise you on the best countries to look for employees, explain more about visas and conditions for employing foreigners. At times, knowing immigration laws and regulations can help you obtain the needed employees smoothly and efficiently. Also, your lawyers will inform you about taxes and other obligations that may arise from hiring foreigners. 

Hiring Foreigners Are The Right Choice For The Domestic Economy 

The economy depends on the working force and that is the most evident through the tech industry. While some professions stagnate, the others grow and that is exactly why IT sector is so popular and yet lacks skillful manpower. When there are more opened positions than candidates to fill them, employers turn to the talent abroad. 

Every industry has a competitive nature that depends on progress, innovation, productivity and the ability to deliver high-quality products. When demand is high, companies need to expand in order to accommodate the increased need. So, it's only logical that they will look for qualified personnel even outside their country. 

Thus, the companies grow and enhance their production and consequently pay more taxes and other fees. The market grows, supply responds to demand and the company and state earn money in the process. 

Immigration Importance Conclusion 

Immigration is without a doubt the solution to the skill gap crisis if the domestic workforce is unable to fill in the ranks. Every employee needs a skillful and high-quality workforce to respond to the market demand and this is something that usually requires a quick reaction. Therefore, since technology improved communication between people, it's easy to find skilled employees anywhere in the world. 

After all, companies work for profit and they need to earn big if they want to survive and expand. Without the best employees available in the world available through immigration, growth will always be stunted. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about immigration as a potential solution to the skill gap crisis facing many countries.

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