5 Tech Advances That Are Transforming Digital Workplaces

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With technology in a constant state of development, modern workplaces are continuously transforming to embrace new systems, designed to improve productivity and efficiency. Adopting new technologies is fundamental to staying competitive in your market, as innovation not only highlights your company as a desirable employer to the best talent, it also increases your company’s potential to stay ahead of the game. 

Here are five technological advances that have the power to transform the way your company operates

Cloud Computing 

The cloud is an online storage solution which allows businesses to access important information at any time, from any device, thus removing the need for static working. However, it’s cloud based intranet systems that are really shaking up the digital workplace. Not only does cloud technology lend itself to a ‘fuss-free’ intranet, it encourages workplace collaboration, communication and productivity — any time, from anywhere. Whilst an intranet is not a new concept, they’ve traditionally been expensive systems and timely to manage, so much so that only large, established organisations could benefit from them. With a cloud system, intranets are now quick to install and entirely scalable, meaning all companies can reap the benefits from day one. 

Digital Security 

With the amount of revenue being lost from cyber-attacks rising each year, digital security is more important than ever. When implementing any new business technology, the security and governance of the system is just as vital as it’s functionality, especially in light of the introduction of the GDPR in 2018. 

Virtual Assistants 

VAs (Virtual Assistants) are a third-party application that can help with things like scheduling and task automation. Currently, VAs like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana are used for data-focused tasks, however as this technology advances VAs will be able to assist with more complicated business processes that will improve workplace productivity. 

Immersive Technology 

With the introduction of immersive technologies in recent years, like augmented and virtual reality, becoming increasing mainstream to consumers, it’s likely that they will also gain popularity in the workplace. This type of technology has the potential to alter the way people learn as they can take part in immersive experiences that replicate real world scenarios. 

Digital Communication 

Communication is key to ensuring workplace efficiency and collaboration. Digital solutions are becoming more present, with modern employees preferring flexible and remote working. Using real-time chat systems has allowed businesses to adopt this new style of working, as it allows everyone in the company to remain connected. 

A digital workplace should aspire to innovate. By exploring new and upcoming technologies businesses can grow quickly and develop a global impression, which will help to attract new talent and open-up new territories. 

The digital work space is here to stay. Find out more about the benefits of a flexible, scalable and cloud-based digital workplace solution, at Oak.com.

I hope you enjoyed this article about top new technological advances that are transforming the digital workplace.

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