4 Best Options To Get Your Structured Settlement

best options get structured settlement payment

Receiving worker’s compensation after you get involved in an accident at your workplace is your right. It doesn’t matter if it’s a major or minor incident unless it’s made-up, you should never be talked out of your worker compensation or take a settlement under the table. 

Whilst having a settlement out of the workers' compensation is discouraged, you should know that there are certain situations like being disabled permanently or for a long while after an incident at work in which you are eligible for settlements that would cost your medical cost and other expenses. 

Even when you’re sure about getting a settlement, you should never deal with it without consulting professionals such as worker’s compensation lawyers or attorneys to make sure that you are not being robbed or deprived of your workers’ rights. 

The best ways you can get your workers’ compensation structured settlement are: 

The “Life Only” Structure 

The life only settlement structure promises payments to the affected worker for the lifetime with no guarantee. The payments are ceased after the claimant passes away. 

The “Life For A Period Certain” Structure 

This option guarantees a fixed amount to be paid to the claimant for a certain amount of time even if the person doesn’t survive. For example, if a worker is promised to be paid for 15 years and the person dies in 8 years, the remaining payments will still be paid to his or her family. If the person lives beyond the 15 years, he or she will continue to receive the amount till death. 

The “Guaranteed Lump Sum” Structure 

A guaranteed lump sum structure enables a person to receive a fixed lump sum amount on a fixed date regardless if he or she is alive or not on the day. The date and amount depend on the compensation and all the other factors. 

The “Guaranteed Benefit” structure is similar to the guaranteed lump sum structure. The claimant receives the promised amount throughoutthe decided time. If the claimant dies before the payment structure is finished, whoever is mentioned as a beneficiary in the contract receives the remaining amount. 

The “Life Contingent Lump Sum” Structure 

Similar to the guaranteed lump sum structure, the life contingent lump sum structure is full payment on a certain date but only if the person stays alive on the receiving date. If the person dies before the date, the amount won’t be paid to anyone else on his or her behalf. 

There’s also a “Temporary life” structure which is similar to life contingent structure. It promises payment(s) till a fixed date but if the claimant dies before or during the payment period, no one else could receive the payments on his or her behalf. 


You should be aware of all laws regarding your rights and have written contracts for every settlement. If you don’t keep a record and written proof of settlement, you could be easily scammed and lose all your workers’ compensation amount.

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