5 Food and Beverage Industry Trends to Follow

food and beverage industry trends

Eating out may still be a special treat for some, but it's routine for a lot of people. 16% of Americans eat out more than once a week, but 61% cite that they eat out at least once during this timeframe.

Clearly, the food and beverage industry is an important one in the US. Because of this, it's an ever-changing sector of our nation. Read on to learn some of the most interesting trends that are blowing up in today's food and beverage businesses.

1. Further FSMA Guidelines

As people become more aware of where their food comes from and how to remain healthy, they want to know more about the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). This collection of rules and guidelines that restaurants, businesses, and food sellers must follow is expansive and difficult to understand.

However, you can learn about FSMA compliance if you do your research. Understanding these guidelines is essential to remaining safe with your food service company.

2. More PCQI Professionals

Preventative controls qualified individuals are people who have gone through extensive training so that they can draft food service plans for restaurants and businesses that sell food.

These people know the guidelines on sanitation, allergens, and more. In today's marketplace, with the expansion of the food and drink industry, more young people will be looking to get jobs as PCQIs.

3. Microbial Foods

Currently, healthy microorganisms and bacteria are part of many people's diets. Yogurt, yeast, kimchee, and sauerkraut are common foods that contain bacteria that help keep our bodies strong.

As time goes by, people are replacing animal products with these bacteria as an alternative source of protein. Egg whites are being made without chickens and milk is being made without cows. This is blowing up in 2020 in not only the vegetarian and vegan communities, but with all people who are looking for lean protein sources.

4. Digital Delivery

Did you know that 60% of Americans order delivery or takeout from their favorite restaurants at least once a week?

This trend has become so popular in recent years that some fast-food restaurant locations including McDonald's and Popeyes are seeing more UberEats delivery orders than in-person dining. Because of this, it's likely that more regulations about food delivery will soon pop up in FDA codes.

5. Use of AI

Artificial Intelligence is making it big in pretty much every industry, and food service is no exception. In the modern age, bots are being used to develop new flavors of foods. By analyzing trends in what people purchase and eat, AIs can figure out what items will sell well.

Coca-Cola is one example of a company that's had good luck with this technology. They used it to figure out that people would enjoy cherry Sprite... and the AIs were correct!

More Food and Beverage Industry Facts

There are a lot of ways that the food and beverage industry is changing, and it's important that you keep up. With recent events, the food and bev business market will never be the same again. 


Now that you know the most important trends in the food and drink sector to watch for this year, it's time to get more tips on how to conduct business effectively in other ways. Check out the Digital Marketing and Retail tabs on our page to learn some marketing trends that you need to be on top of in addition to those in the food industry.

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