Is There A Secret To Increased Office Productivity?

secret increased office productivity

While no one option is available to boost activity and morale and improve performance, there are tips and tidbits of information you can use to point in the right direction. The first thing you can do is don't push yourself to work on the most critical project in the workload. Rather than stress, work on something else and build up to the big job. If you are in charge of a team, be specific on their accomplishments and pitfalls. Don't sidestep responsibility. If someone does a good or bad job on something specific, then make the feedback just as precise. 

Try changing the office mood and encourage staff to play their favorite music, probably with headphones, to keep them in a positive frame of mind. As a complement to the music, add aromatherapy. Certain fragrances have antiviral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal ingredients to aid in boosting your immune system. There's a whole variety of scents to choose from, such as peppermint, cinnamon, rosemary, jasmine, lavender, and lemon, which, when appropriately distributed, can have a soothing effect and help with concentration and stamina. 

Furniture is the focus of the modern office. To stand or not to stand is the question many have nowadays. The newest additions to office furniture may not even include furniture anymore. People are standing, running, leaning on exercise balls, stools or benches, or using kneeling desks. Truman Capote might like one of the Stressless recliners at European Leather Gallery since, as he once told a newspaper, he did his best work lying down. 

Some offices have gone to the dogs and cats or whatever tickles their fancy if it's allowed. If everyone can't bring their favorite pet, then how about an office mascot or at least look at pet pics online, which is supposed to boost performance. If that idea doesn't work for your office, encourage meditation in the form of a mental evaluation of current work situations and let them spend two hours a week thinking about a plan for the next week of work. 

In addition to meditation, let your staff sleep it off or just nap for a little while every day to recharge. You could even designate a sleeping room and invest in a couch or two. If that's not practical, then at the very least, leave them alone after work. A long time ago, in corporations far far away, it was a common practice for employees to send letters rather than make phone calls. It was considered more formal and civil. Those who did violate the rule and made the calls were subject to chastisement for wasting time on the phone, how times have changed. 

Nowadays, employees are on-call and in-demand twenty-four-seven bombarded by texts and emails and calls from overly anxious employers. Give them some personal time and space after work. When you are at work, try to make yourself available and be kind when appropriate. Do touchpoint meetings instead of the impersonal meeting room variety. 

Try playing games with your staff as well. Video games are stress busters and help promote communication among employees who otherwise might stay in a cubicle or office all day. 

If video games don't work, try physical games to encourage activity. Do something over the top like telling everyone they have to finish next month's work this month and see what happens. You never know, they might surprise you. It helps to set the tone of any office so employees and visitors can feel relaxed and comfortable. 

An excellent way to do this is to turn the office green. Bring plants or better yet hire a horticulturist to do it for you. Try it out today!

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