6 Questions You Should Ask To Find The Right HIE Lawyer

hie lawyer hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy

Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) is a serious condition that occurs when a newborn baby's brain doesn't get enough oxygen. If oxygen is insufficient, the baby can suffer brain damage and even other lifelong challenges. 

HIE can affect a child's ability to move, think, see, hear, or speak. In severe cases, it can even be fatal, meaning the child could possibly die as a result. 

You should hire HIE lawyers at ABC Law Centers or from other such reputed law firms who have a solid streak of success in getting HIE victims like you justice and compensation. 

If medical professionals might have played a role in causing the HIE, you might need a lawyer to help you fight for the compensation your child deserves. 

Sometimes, the medical providers may not readily accept responsibility for their mistakes. You can't just hire any lawyer you bump into, or else you might lose compensation entirely. We will be giving you six solid questions you can use to spot the right lawyer for your HIE malpractice lawsuit. 

1. What Is Your Track Record With HIE Lawsuits? 

A lawyer who has handled many HIE cases before knows the medical world, the laws, and the special challenges of HIE. This experience helps them build a strong case for your child. 

But winning isn't everything. Ask how they define success. Have they gotten good settlements for their clients, even without going to court? This shows they can negotiate well with insurance companies. 

Don't just settle for a number. Ask about cases like yours. Did they handle situations with similar causes of HIE or similar care needs for the child? The more experience they have with cases like yours, the better they can handle yours too. 

2. Are You Willing To Take This Case To Trial If Necessary? 

Most HIE cases are settled outside of court. But sometimes, a fight in court might be needed. Here is why this question matters: 

A lawyer who is comfortable in court is a good thing. They should know how to present a case to a judge and jury. 

Insurance companies might try to downplay your child's condition or offer very little money. A lawyer willing to go to trial shows they will fight for what your child deserves, even if it takes a long time. 

Knowing your lawyer is ready for court gives you more power when negotiating with insurance companies. They are more likely to offer a fair settlement if they know you are serious about going to court. 

3. Do You Have References From Past Clients I Can Contact? 

Talking to past clients can be very helpful. They can tell you how the lawyer talks to them, how quickly they answer questions, and how they handle a case. This will help you see if the lawyer's style is a good fit for you. 

They can also explain what it is like to work with the lawyer throughout the case. This can help you manage your expectations and feel more comfortable with the process. 

4. How Will You Keep Me Informed About The Progress Of My Case? 

You want a lawyer who keeps you in the loop. Here is why this question matters: 

A good lawyer will explain what is happening with your case at every step. They should answer your questions promptly and return your calls. 

You should feel comfortable reaching out to them whenever you have concerns. Knowing what is going on will help you feel more confident and in control throughout the legal process. 

5. Do You Have A Network Of Specialists (e.g., Life Care Planners) Who Can Help With My Child's Future Needs? 

Your child's HIE might require special care for many years. A good lawyer will have connections with specialists who can help plan for your child's future needs. These specialists, like life care planners, can estimate the costs of your child's care and create a plan to cover those expenses. 

Having this team on your side shows the lawyer is committed to your child's well-being, not just the legal case. 

6. What Are The Potential Challenges We Might Face In This Case? 

There is no lawsuit that has ever been concluded without a fair share of challenges. By knowing the possible challenges, you can be better prepared to face them emotionally. The lawyer can explain these challenges in a clear way and address your concerns. 

Facing challenges together strengthens the lawyer-client relationship. You will know you have someone who is honest with you and will fight for your child every step of the way.

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