4 Reasons Why I Hire Medical Malpractice Attorneys Near Me

reasons hire medical malpractice lawyer

I never thought that this type of thing would happen to me. All my life, I trusted medical professionals to do the right thing. Not knowing where to turn, I decided that the best move I could make was to contact one of the medical malpractice attorneys near me and get some legal advice. Here is why I felt that advice was necessary. 

Finding Out If I Have A Legitimate Claim 

There was no doubt that something went wrong, but did that constitute grounds for a lawsuit? I honestly did not know. A friend suggested I see a malpractice attorney and share all the details about the events. 

Sure enough, the attorney listened to what happened, asked some questions to clarify a few points, and then began to outline the options open to me. One of them was to file a malpractice suit, and seek compensation that was in line with what I had experienced. Just knowing that I was not wrong to think that something should be done was a weight off my mind. 

Someone Who Knows How To Pursue A Settlement 

After deciding to file a medical malpractice suit, the next step was to consider the type of compensation to seek. I definitely wanted there to be enough to cover all the attorney fees. In addition, my legal counsel began to ask about any expenses related to what happened. There was also talk of what future treatments my new medical professional felt would be necessary. 

By identifying what the action had already cost me, plus what how I would likely incur more expenses in the future, the attorney was able to come up with a figure to seek. Seeing it all written down and organized also helped me feel more in control of the situation. 

And How To Keep The Other Party Off My Back 

One thing that bothered me is what to do if the other party contacted me after the suit was filed. My attorney informed me that there was no need for me to respond to any of those attempts. From that point on, any inquiries about the matter were to be referred to my attorney's office. 

The same is true with any face-to-face settlement negotiations. I did not have to say anything unless my legal counsel recommended that I respond. For the rest, the attorney would do the talking on my behalf. 

Keeping Me Sane During The Process 

Being the plaintiff in a lawsuit is all new to me in a malpractice case. Knowing what to say or do was a mystery. Thanks to my legal counsel, it was easier to figure out how to keep going while the suit was in progress. 

Thanks to my attorney, I knew what to say if anyone tried to talk about the case. It was clear that my health and general well-being were the most important things. Everything that we did was in order to help me focus less on the past, and more on getting my work life and my social life back on track. That is a good feeling. 

While I did have some qualms about seeking legal advice, I am glad that I finally decided to get in contact with one of the medical malpractice attorneys near me. Now I feel as if there is a chance of moving beyond what has happened and start thinking more about the future again.

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