Pulmonary Emboli After Using Bard Power Port: Fatal Injuries To Know About

pulmonary emboli after bard power port fatal injury

The BardPort, or Bard PowerPort, is a subdermal medical device that helps in the smooth catheter connection for managing intravenous medication and fluids. After the launch, several patients have faced many problems with it, like catheter port material breaking. It either leads to the shifting of the catheter or a fracture. All these have led to severe infections, heart punctures, blood clots, and various other health risks. 

As a result of these health hazards and side effects, patients affected by Bard PowerPort are filing their product liability claims. It is because medical device manufacturers must inform patients about the potential risks a device can cause so that they can make an informed decision. 

In this article, we will delve into the hazards of this device and the injuries it causes and share how patients can seek legal recourse. 

A Woman From Illinois Filed Complaint Against Bard PowerPort 

Crystal Sussen, from Illinois, filed her product liability suit after facing issues with various Bard PowerPort devices. These devices were implanted to manage her cancer treatments. She reports that the device was fractured, which led to pulmonary embolism, and later had to be replaced because it stopped working completely. 

In her lawsuit, she blames the manufacturers for marketing a faulty device that had flaws and resulted in health hazards for patients. She says that after using the device for six months, she suffered fatal injuries when the catheter was fractured, which sent pieces of the device into her heart and bloodstream. The result was extreme pain, extravasation of fluids, thrombus, occlusion, pulmonary emboli, and other cardiovascular injuries. 

This device got substituted with one more PowerPort, which, in turn, became non-functional and had to be removed surgically. Sussen reported that the manufacturers were aware that the device could lead to infections, failure, and fractures but kept on selling the device at the patient’s expense. 

She further said that defendants, instead of making changes to the product design to ensure it is safe or alerting the physicians about the dangers, kept on promoting the faulty product. 

Hence, today, it is essential for patients to report their injuries and file a legal complaint. It will help in raising awareness and ensuring that they get the Bard Power Port lawsuit settlement amount they rightfully deserve for the pain and suffering they endured. 

Other Complications Of Bard PowerPort 

A few of the extreme complications of this device include organ damage, urinary changes, and an abnormal heart rate. Other potential complications include: 

• Blood while coughing 
• Confusion 
• Chest pain 
• Fever 
• Headaches 
• Shortness of breath 
• Sepsis 

A faulty device is vulnerable to infection and bacteria, which might result in extreme side effects. If there is no proper treatment, the infection caused in the bloodstream can result in sepsis, which is a life-threatening condition that impacts multiple parts of the body. 

When Should Patients Consult A Doctor? 

Patients using the Bard PowerPort mostly have to check with their doctors from time to time. But just in case situations get complex in between the treatment cycles, it is necessary to get medical attention. 

Ideally, you need to contact your doctor if you face the following: 

If you feel that the device has been dislodged or is not functioning well, 
Swelling, fever, pain, or confusion. 
If you face any new health issues apart from existing symptoms, like increased cough. 
Signs of blood clots or bleeding, like leg pain or bruises. 

It is necessary to ensure that all the health hazards that you are facing are a result of the Bard PowerPort and to keep medical evidence of the same. 

Navigating The Legal Path 

If you have suffered from the side effects or any other severe injury due to Bard PowerPort, it is necessary to file a lawsuit. For that, you need to get in touch with a lawyer who will examine your case and determine whether you are eligible for the case or not. Once they decide to present your case in court, they will guide you through the process and, using the evidence you share, prepare a solid case. 

It is necessary to have a clear idea about the settlement amount for your case so that you have practical expectations. TorHoerman Law states that Bard PowerPort lawsuits are in the initial stages, and the payouts are yet to be calculated. However, it can range anywhere between $10,000 and $100,000 based on the entire litigation process and the damages an individual has faced. 


Medical devices have been designed to ensure that patients benefit from them. If it functions poorly and has a faulty design that leads to health hazards and fatal side effects, it defeats its purpose. Hence, patients who have faced side effects of the Bard PowerPort should seek medical attention at first and then ask for legal help to get compensated for the damages they have endured.

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