Does Your Law Firm Website Follow These Web Design Best Practices?

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If you are an attorney, what’s the fundamental goal you have while you plan to create your law firm’s website? If we are not wrong, it has to be – Finding more clients. 

Since your law profession requires a great deal of immaculate planning for layout, content, and marketing, it becomes mandatory to know the best design practices that convert your generic law firm website into a lead generating website. 

We are going to cover this topic in the following post to help you with the growth of your business. 

1. A Clear Description about How You Can Be Useful to Your Clients 

The average website visitor spends 10 to 20 seconds on a page before hitting the back button. If your website design is cluttered, not able to explain visitors immediately what they are looking at, your effort may be futile. Use a headline to explain adequately who you are and how your services can help your visitors. 

According to research done by Simple Intelligent Systems, 55% U.S. attorney websites have used full-screen photo template in their website design. 

2. Easily Accessible Contact Details 

The primary objective of your website is to generate leads for potential clients. If you’ve got a potential lead on your site, eliminate the chance that he or she leaves without being able to find your contact information. It’s always better to put your contact information in multiple locations. 

3. Client Testimonials 

If you’ve not incorporated client testimonials yet, decide to use them on your law website as soon as possible. In the law profession, people prefer personal recommendations, and testimonials make you seem more trustworthy. 

4. Simple Language Without Legal Terms 

While preparing your website’s copy, never forget about the background of your actual users and readers. It’s better to stick to a plain language which is easier to understand even for a layman. 

5. A Clear Call To Action 

The ultimate aim of your legal website is to move your visitors towards contacting you. Provide a clear call to action at appropriate places of your website. 

6. Details Of Practice Areas & Specialization 

It’s great if you’ve already used a value statement that gives your visitor a quick view of what you offer. Now it’s the time to back up it with more information about your firm’s specialties. Every successful law firm makes a provision for detailed pages for each practice area. 

7. Biographies And Background Information On Attorneys 

If you have a law firm with multiple attorneys in your team, include detailed pages for each of them along with their biographies and credentials. By doing this, you can easily convince your potential clients that they will be working with real humans who are experts in their subject matter. 

8. Short And Simple Contact Forms With Case Description Completely Optional 

Design a simple form and avoid the urge to collect unnecessary information from your visitors. People may not be interested in disclosing their case details in a form, so make that optional. Instead, ask those details at a later stage during the consultation. 

9. SEO & Blog For Marketing 

Most of the potential clients rely on online searches for their need of attorneys and law firms. So if your website doesn’t appear in the first few results of popular search engines, you are bound to lack multiple potential clients. Get your website optimized for your homepage and other practice pages. Additionally, maintain a blog helps by establishing your authority and it attracts traffic from online sources. 

An analysis by Simple Intelligent Systems states that content marketing generates three times more leads than traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less. 

10. Multilingual Capability 

There might be instances where your clients speak a different language. Please give a provision for multiple language support on your website in addition to your primary market. It also enhances the chances of being found in Google’s search results. 

Law Firm Web Design Made Easy

We hope by now, you have become aware of some of the best web design practices that you should incorporate in your law firm website

A little bit of planning and implementation of the tips mentioned above will genuinely help you in getting more clients. You can download a free law firm website template here.

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