5 Unique Gifts for Employees to Show Appreciation

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A gift for employees, no matter how simple, and regardless of the cost, can make a positive and lasting impression. Not only is it a wonderful surprise at the moment, but it can also be a continuing reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Five Unique Gifts for Employees

1. Employee gift baskets are a great idea for everyone, especially since they're scalable to just about any number of employees. You need only choose the items your budget allows.

How about a corporate theme, with a sustainability emphasis? It is not hard to find unique Corporate Gifts, just look online!

How about including:

  • A bamboo fiber mug?
  • An eco notebook with a ball pen?
  • A metal straw set?
  • A cotton tee shirt with your company logo?
  • A cotton baseball cap with your company logo?
  • And any other fun things you would like to add?

And don't forget the baskets and shredded paper!

2. For employee parties, we recommend gifts for everyone that are similar but different, such as things related to birth month. 

Consider the Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper, available for $24.00 each, Birthstone Mineral Soaps for $20 each, or one of several other "birth month gift" options--all available at Uncommon Goods.

With one of these gifts, they'll have a reason to make conversation--by discovering something new and easy to remember about one another.

3. Company picnic gift ideas? Everyone wants food--great food--and lots of it!

What about street tacos? Gourmet pizza? Thai food? Plus drinks and sides, of course.

Call local restaurants and find out if they cater. If you have money left over for logo souvenirs, like mugs or water bottles, that would be great!

4. Here's a creative but inexpensive Christmas gift for employees:

If you have a limited number of employees, and you are somewhat familiar with their personal interests, get coffee table books with amazing illustrations. These can be found at a low cost--and usually in good condition--at vintage bookstores.

Photographs never fail to capture the imagination--whether they're or artwork, places, nature, outer space, or any number of other subjects. Whether you're celebrating or not, what better way to spend a holiday at home than letting your imagination wander as you look at pictures and read the captions?

These will show an interesting side of yourself, and be great for starting conversations in the future.

5. More inexpensive gifts? Company gifts?

Everyone recognizes a jigsaw puzzle piece. And everyone knows what it's like to have an almost-complete puzzle with just one piece missing. Use this unique symbol to remind newer employees that they're "part of the puzzle."

Every time your employee reaches for her keys, she's reminded that she's already important and valued in the organization. It's an inexpensive gift that nonetheless says quite a lot!

Find this key holder (and some others with similar themes) at Etsy for the following prices.

  • $5.95 for a blank puzzle piece
  • $8.95 for a stamped initial
  • $14.95 for the full name of the recipient

There are other vendors for this item as well. It is available via Amazon.com.

Getting a Gift for Employees? Go for It!

These are just some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Remember, any kind of gift you give out of a sincere appreciation for the work of your employees will be well received.

There are lots of occasions to get a gift for employees, so start planning now! Keep checking back for more ideas like these!

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